Thursday, April 11, 2019

27 74 88 | New York Times article on the funeral of Nipsey Hussle, April 11, 2019

Notice how the New York Times emphasized 'Sent off like a king'.

As we know, he died 704-weeks after Nipsey Russel, and many rappers have died in connection to the number 74 over the years.  Masonic = 74; Jewish = 74; Occult = 74; Killing = 74

The funeral was April 11, 2019.  *4/11/2019 = 4+11+(2+0+1+9) = 27 (Ritual = 27)

Notice the funeral is 11 days after his death.


  1. Zach Farrakhan gave a shout out to nipsey Russell during his speech and said he mint Russell Westbrook murderbuy numbers in our faces

  2. Seems like this sacrifice has a lot to do with lebron.

    "sent off like a king" (king James) in the staples center (Lakers) on 11/4, the 101st day of the year.

    Lebron James = 114
    Lebrin raymone James = 101

  3. "Seventy Four"==========555 S
    "Signal Number"=========555 S, 135 [135 + 531 = 666]
    "Agenda Code Key"========555 S
    "Trick Goy Code"==========555 S

    "Five Five Five Code"=========2222 J
    "Hoax by the U.S.A. Government"= 2222 J


    1. "Full Name Coded Signal"==========555 J
      "Satanic Pedophiles"=============555 J
      "Q Operations"================ 555 J

      "Scores Seventy in First Round"====== 333 O
      "Forty Seventh Problem of Euclid"=====333 O
      "Pro Sports Championship Win"====== 333 O
      "A PGA Tour Masters Victory Code"====333 O
      "Winning Masters First Round"=======333 K
      "A Two Under Par Tiger Woods Score"== 333 K
      "Make America Great Again Agenda"=== 333 K

      "Two Under Par First Rounds [Tiger Woods]" = 411 RO < On What Day?
      "A Winning First Round of Two Under Par"===411 O
      "Winning First Round at the Masters"======411 K

      "Name April Fourteenth Victory"======333, 135
      "Tiger Woods"====================135, 135 < Gematriot


    2. nick bosa = 74
      seventy fours = 555 reverse satanic
      satanic gematria = 666 satanic

    3. "Lead Poisoning"===666 Reverse Satanic
      "Dishonest Code"===666
      "Forty Fourth Day"===666

      What Day is the 44th Day?

      "Death"======213 Satanic <<<< What Area Code?

      "Masonic Lead Poisoning"====214 <<< Valentines Day Massacre ?



    1. "Death of RB Jim Brown at Age Eighty Five"====333 O
      "Sacrifice for Appearance in a NFL Playoff"==== 333
      "A Cleveland Browns make the Playoffs"======333
      "NFL Tributes to Coach Paul Brown"=========333
      "Two thousand Nineteen Season"===========333 K
      "Make America Great Again Agenda"=========333 K
      "Bet Browns Hundredth NFL Season"==========333 K



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