Friday, April 12, 2019

55 85 | Forrest Gregg, former Green Bay Packer, dead at 85, April 12, 2019

Dead at 85?

His last season as a player was 1971:

He died a span of 69-days from Super Bowl 53.

Recall, the Packers won the first Super Bowl.

 He has died on a date with 55 numerology as well.

4/12/2019 = 4+12+20+19 = 55 (Sacrifice = 46 / 55)



  1. Masters started 85 years ago, Woods? Also, look at his bday- 10/18 like 118

  2. "Forrest Gregg Death April Twelfth"====333 O <<<

    "NFC Playoff Symbol"==== 73
    "Forrest Gregg"========73
    "NFC Division Team"=====73
    "Code [Five Eight]"=======73

    "Code [Five Eight]"======118 O <<< What Day was he Born?
    "Code [Five Eight]"======214 K <<< What Day did he Die?
    "Code [Five Eight]"======911 J

    "Freemasonic Symbol"=== 911 J
    "Mind Control Operations"=911
    "Tisha Bav"========== 911

    "Agenda"=========== 58, 58 K
    "Freemasonry"======== 58
    "Hidden Agenda"=======58
    "A Winning Team"=======58
    "NFC Champions"======= 58

    "Winning NFL Seasons"=====214 <<< What day did he Die?
    "Green Bay Packers"=======214
    "Hundredth Season Team"=== 214

    "A Winning Symbol"=======173 K
    "Forrest Gregg"========= 173 K

    "Hundredth Season"==============67 R
    "Packers are Champs"=============67

    "NFC Championship [Packers]"=======110, 227, 666
    "A NFC Championship Team Name"====110, 227

    "Prophecy"========================= 666

    "Packer & Saints in NFC Championship"=======412 K < What day did he Die?


  3. Jim brown just turned 85. Packers v browns? Lol only cuz im from Cleveland

  4. bad sign for the packers and the bengals


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