Friday, April 5, 2019

28 34 38 46 79 | Death of Eastside Snoop, August 20, 2018 +42 Dugg associate

This man was killed August 20, 2018, a date with 46 numerology.

8/20/18 = 8+20+18 = 46

The name 'Eastside Snoop' connects to 'sacrifice' as well.

Notice he was 28-years-old, and killed on August 20.

8/20 = 8+20 = 28

His birth name, Antonio, carries the fateful gematria as well.

He was shot on Flanders.

More on his name is as follows:

153, the 17th triangular; Kill = 17
Rapper = 34 / 38 / 88
Killing = 43
Death = 97


  1. Yesterday was the 94th day. Bezos made a 94 word 428 letter tweet yesterday announcing his divorce. Amazon was founded in '94. A year from yesterday will be 491 days since Bush Sr died at the age of 94. 491 the 94th prime. You're connected to Bezos Zach. Both known for being connected to "Seattle" = 19. MacKenzie Bezos = 1900 ext. You and Jeff Born 19 years 190 days apart. You were born at 19:19 each with your Moons in the Golden Gate. The next time the Moon passes through the Golden Gate will be 19 days after his divorce tweet on April 23rd when Bezos turns 20190 days old. His birth name "Jeffrey Jorgensen" = 2019 Jewish. April 10th is the Moon in the Silver Gate and the release of the first images of the our black holes event horizon. It will be 810 days into Trump's presidency or equivalently his 811th day. Jupiter turns retrograde coming within 3 degrees of the Golden Gate. Jupiter comes out of retrograde on August 11th.

    1. April 28th will be the first full day of 9/11/2001 being 219 lunar months old. 428 letter tweet....

  2. Bezos' Tweet: "I'm so grateful to all my friends and family for reaching out with encouragement and love. It means more than you know. MacKenzie most of all. I'm grateful for her support and for her kindness in this process and am very much looking forward to our new relationship as friends and co-parents. In all our work together Mackenzie's abilities have been on full display. She has been an extraordinary partner, ally, and mother. She is resourceful and brilliant and loving, and as our futures unroll, I know I'll always be learning from her." this equals 1597 Septenary the 17th Fibonacci and 251st prime. New York caller mentioned the 251 Wednesday night. i need to go back and listen. 1597 is also the ordinal value of the Sirius chapter in the Bible. Psalm 117 the middle and 595th chapter. Sirius = 595 Greek Isopsephy. MacKenzie Bezos' bday will be a span of 595 days after the 2017 eclipse. April 7th bday. 47 date numerology for the divorce tweet. Today is also a New Moon. New beginnings. I should mention too that his company Blue Origins turned 969 weeks old today and is planning on sending their first passengers to space.

    1. First passengers to space this year. Blue Origins founded on the Nativity Day for Mary September 8th, 2000 which is the 251st day in a common year. I know you're New York caller would appreciate all this.

  3. "Forty Two Dugg Code"====82, 208 <<< August 20th?
    "Team Eastside Death Dates"===208
    "Eastside"============ 82
    "STRIKE"============= 28, 82

  4. I found a ton of connections for your hack the number 55 and 257. harvest moon on the 257th day of the year. Bezos divorce tweet 257 days after your bday. Remember the 251. You were hacked 251 days after your bday. The offical name of Washington is "State of Washington" = 1597 Jewish. You were hacked 55 days after the Super Bowl and the Harvest Moon is 55 days after your birthday. NFL Draft = 257 and Washington Redskins = 257

    1. I mention the Harvest Moon of course because of Anarchadelphia

  5. And just think about what your New York caller was saying about the destruction of the divine feminine. Amazon....The Amazons the elite race of warrior women....


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