Thursday, April 4, 2019

47 | A.E. Loosley writes that Francis Bacon had 47 translators for the KJV 1611

47 translators for the KJV?

*King James Version Bible



  1. "Hidden King James Holy Bible Gematria"=====1611 J <<< In What Year?
    "Hide the King James Bible Gematria from Goy"= 1611 S

    "Find Gematria in the King James Version Holy Bible"=======444, 690
    "Coming Agenda to Citizens of the United States"=========444, 609

    "Al Qaeda Terrorist Attack"=======911
    "Freemasonic Symbol"==========911
    "Mind Control Operations"======= 911

    "Secret Gematria Code in a Bible"====666
    "Symbolic Code"============== 666
    "Prophecy"================= 666

    "Holy Bible Gematria Code"=======811 <<< Tisha Bav is When?

    "Bible Code Gematria"====333

    "Use Ordinal Gematria to Decode a Message"===333
    "Code of Three Three's and Three Four's"===== 333
    "Operation Nineteen Eighty Four"========== 333
    "Agenda Two Thousand Twenty One"========333
    "Forty Seventh Problem of Euclid"==========333


  2. The Septuagint (Latin for Seventy, aka LVV) was the original translation of the Old Testament from Hebrew into Koine Greek -- named for the 70 rabbis (Judaica claims there were 72) assigned to the task by Ptolemy II *Philadelphus, who wanted the text added to the Library of Alexandria.
    Judaic history claims that the rabbis rebelled & each wrote a different version, so they were forced to convene & compile a single version, which was presented on the *"Tenth of Tevet"* -- a celebrated "Day of Mourning" in Judaism. This "mourning" is for the subsequent fall of the temple on Tisha B'av (9th of Av) & for "other, unknown reasons" (hmm...) -- & the (covert?) "celebration" is for the rabbis handing over an INCORRECT version of the Old Testament to Ptolemy II Philadelphus.
    In Judaism it has always been accepted as fact that this bible -- upon which all subsequent Christian texts were based -- was deliberately adulterated from the beginning... & this triumph of deception remains a cause for celebration.
    The "Tenth of Tevet" = 212 (FB) ... has no scheduled date for 2019, but occurs on 2 days in 2020 --
    *** On Jan 7, 2020 & again on Dec 25, 2020
    *** Jan 7, 2020 is the JULIAN Calendar date for Dec 25, 2019.
    It cannot be coincidence that this Special Day falls on Christmas.
    Those dates are 353 days apart (non-inclusive), or ...
    11 months, 18 days = 11 & (1+8=) 9 ... 11 9 / 9 11
    Inclusive is: 354 days, or 11 months 19 days
    :D ;D

    1. 353 <<< 72nd Prime Number

      "Christmas Day of Twenty Nineteen" =354

      "Two Thousand Nineteen"========911
      "Two Thousand Nineteen Strike Date"=358 <<< What Day is Christmas

      "Christmas Day Twenty Nineteen"===333
      "Forty Seventh Problem of Euclid"=== 333

    2. Aha -- thanks for the 353/72 info! I knew 353 had to be significant -- now I see why -- the All Important 72.
      Kabbalah states that the "72 Names Of God" are hidden within the 3 verses of Exodus 19-21.
      The other decodes you included are also significant -- there is definitely something important about this.
      Thank you for your response! :D ;D


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