Friday, September 9, 2016

14 33 38 58 79 89 157 | September 8, 2016 shooter at Alpine High School said to be

A female shooter on the Virgin Mary's birthday, eh?

Notice the Freshman was '14'.  Dead = 4+5+1+4 = 14

Notice she also had just moved to the area.... typical.

Also, the name of the Sheriff connects to Freemasonry.  And the details about a U.S. Marshall shooting a Homeland Security?  That must be bullshit.

They always kill themselves in the hoax.

And a bathroom is a fitting place for death.

Also, it's always the same shit.  Shootings & bomb threats.  Fuck the authorities, they're the ones responsible for all of this.  That's why my whole life my motto has been fuck authority, no one is telling me shit, not even my parents.  And in this case, someone better checkout Ronny Dodson's call log.

As for 'Sul Ross State University', it has the same gematria as 'Alpine High School'.

Again, these events came on September 8, or 8/9.

This last paragraph is more COINCIDENCE PROGRAMMING.

There was blood on the floor?  Look at this detail, one written for fucking idiots.

And it is no coincidence they're quoting the 'junior'.  Again, this shooting came on a date with '33' numerology.

9/8/16 = 9+8+16 = 33

Funny how the school only has 280 students but on my video I have even more comments than that from people who said they were there and witnessed it.  Must have been a crowded bathroom.


  1. "Ronny Dodson" = 58, 67, 157 [37th Prime]

    Here are some matches:
    "Dissoluton" = 157
    "Four Horsemen = 157
    "Harry Truman" = 157
    "Lethal Injection" = 157
    "Guerilla Warfare" = 157

    If we write out 157 [37th Prime]:
    "One Hundred Fifty Seven" = 239 [52nd Prime]
    "Prophecy" = 52

    "One World Government" = 239

    I really wish I could make the people of that town understand that, because police have so much control, it is very easy for them to stage an event like this with a 'Plant.'

    Keep in mind that:
    "Crisis Actor" = 53 & 134 [Exact Match to "Vesica Piscis"]

    The headline 'There was Blood on the Floor':
    "There was blood on the Floor" = 122
    "United Nations Agenda Twenty" = 122

    I'm certain it is just a coincidence:
    "One Hundred Fifty Seven" = 122 = "There was Blood on the Floor"

    "One Hundred Fifty Seven" = 122 = "United Nations Agenda Twenty One"

    1. Jake Gematria God Lebowski strikes again, and again, and again!

    2. Oops! I noticed I have a couple of mis-spellings:

      "Dissolution" = 157

      ""United Nations Agenda Twenty One" = 122

      There thats better:

    3. Michael Jackson album "Blood on the dance floor" with the heavily coded 9/11 predictive imagery comes to mind.

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  3. 33 years and 3 days since the 1983 release of Girls Just Want to have Fun.

  4. So, at the same time as the "shooting" they had bomb threats to the hospital, Sul Ross State, and a bomb threat on a note found on a motel door for fucks sake
    He said, "we had four active crime scenes"
    Yet none of those were coordinated or had anything to do with the shooting? Really? Just a bad day, huh? Ok

    Reminds me of 911, they had the two planes hit the two tours, one plane hit Pentagon, and one vaporized when it hit ground apparently in Shanksville, PA.
    Four seperate crime scenes there too.

    1. Exactly, that is the "coincidence programming" they love to deal us. I wish every mainstream news story would end with, "Are you feeling stupid yet?" They should.

  5. Off topic.
    Just adding a bit to what we already know for the Colts.
    Prince performed the halftime show when the Colts won SB41.
    He died on 4/21/16 = 41. Also 4/21/20+16 = 61.
    Colts first game of the season is against the lions and their old coach. Detroit lions = 61. Jim caldwell = 41.
    Caldwell is also 61 years old. He has got a total of 41 regular season wins.
    From prince's death on 4/21 to Sundays game is 4 months 21 days.

  6. Called that shit fucking yesterday. Thx for the help Allusion.

    Read Through The Comment Board

  7. Crazy what you find when you goggle a few key words and a year you have in mind. The birds didn't eat all the breadcrumbs. Great stuff!

  8. From Zach's You tube video:

    I ask, "I thought she killed herself in the bathroom?"

    the reply:

    "No near the bathroom, they put the body in there for more kids would not see it. The news got the information from officers that should up after the fact that they moved it."

    I give up!

  9. Google image search the automobile "Chrysler Alpine". Take a look at the yellow one especially. Look familiar?

    1. The hit and run illuminati card

    2. Oooohhh!

      Very Good! Interesting. I never even included the type of car into the equation. I will think on that for awhile.

    3. Yes Indeed....LookSee

      "Chrysler Alpine" = 75, 84, 165, & 821 [142nd Prime]
      "Terrorist" = 142
      "Forty Two" = 142
      "Freemason" = 42

      "New World Order" = 75 & 165 = "Chrysler Alpine"

      Here are some Matches for 821 J [142nd Prime]
      "Foundation Failure" = 821 J
      "Fraternity" = 821 J
      "Jihadist" = 821 J
      "Natural Disaster" = 821 J <===
      "Riders on the Storm" = 821 J
      "The Six Orders" = 821 J <===

    4. It went by the name "Simca" in Europe.


    5. By the way, I'm not saying that's the car for sure.. But those lines look very similar, and that white bumper adds interest.

    6. doesn't that movie The Hurricane have similar parallels with the bumper and light arrangement in terms of his incarceration? Hurrican pretty relevant lately what with Florida having gone 11 years since major landfall.

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    8. Yes Yes.....I understand, but the type of car could be a symbol.

      "The Simca" = 33 & 42

      "White Bumper" = 1399 [222nd Prime]

      Here is a Connection:
      235 + 666 = 901

      "Nine Hundred One" = 78 = "The Simca"
      "Nine Hundred One" = 150 = "Terror Attack"

      12/30/16 has date numerology of 78.

      Kinda like a 3..2..1 Countdown?

    9. For Example:

      "The Simca" could mean Simi Valley California

      You Follow?

    10. Yea. I've been around a while, not to sound arrogant. That's why I threw it out there as a possible match. Just wanted to be clear that I wasn't certain and didn't want to sound it, because after all, it's a damn shitty drawing...

    11. Two things on the card that we all keep coming back to. 235-666.
      I said the other day that 2, 3 an 5 are the first 3 prime numbers 1st 2nd 3rd.

      Then 2×3×5 = 30

      With my hand I make my all seeing eye symbol (the A-ok one, do it with your hand, booger picker to your thumb) and look at that, it also makes 30

  10. CBS major headline "Lane Kiffin Doubles Salary"

    "lane kiffin doubles salary" in the English Reduction system equals 97
    "lane kiffin doubles salary" in the English Ordinal system equals 241
    "lane kiffin doubles salary" in the English Gematria system equals 1609

    these are the 25th, 53rd, 254th primes, respectively

    think of his ties to Tennessee as well as the Bama powerhouse slowly coming apart with the departure of coordinators just like Florida and Urban Meyer's staff. Kiffin likely next after Kirby Smart took off.

    Comeback = 53