Friday, September 9, 2016

Reader Contribution | The death of Red Hot Chili Pepper's guitarist Hillel Slovak, June 25, 1988

The only thing I would add, is he died on George Orwell's birthday, the author of 1984, a seemingly important date to the gang.


  1. That album right after his death was called Blood Sugar Sex Magik, named after the Allister Crowley book Sex Magik about preserve sexual rituals used to gain energy, the chili peppers frontman very much a sex symbol.
    Blood Sugar Sex Magik = 203, 77
    Hillel Slovak = 723
    There's a song from a different album called Right on Time = 138. Like his name, like the date of his death. Interestingly that song is one of many which are tributes to him. Another tribute to him I s called Knock Me Down = 47, 128, 812, and 768. All those knock me down numbers are interesting, Blood Sugar Sex Magik = 1218 similar to 128 and 812. The other song tribute to him Right on Time also = 678 pretty close to 768. Another song tribute to him is called Dosed = 47 just like Knock me down. Finally, Hillel Slovak Death = 176 he died on the 176th day of the year. There's still much more to be done on this

  2. Saw a show on Shaquille O'Neal.
    He was saying that all his brothers and cousins all had normal names like "Brian" etc and that when he was born, his mum called him Shaquille cos she said he was gonna be famous and had to give him a "cool" name!!
    Seems like these guys are "Manchurian" individuals like Zach was saying.

    1. Anthony Kiedis especially, the frontman. His father was an actor in Hollywood and an infamous drug smuggler. In one of the chili peppers songs he says "I don't wanna do it like my daddy did, I don't wanna give it to my babies kid." Like being born into fame? Being born into a familial situation where your future occupation is pre determined? The name of the song is This is The Place. Check it out, it's open to interpretation.

  3. I gotta say though, out of all the mainstream musicians, the chili peppers have one of the best messages. Check out songs like Throw Away Your Television, hard to concentrate , Dark necessities, Wet Sand, shallow be thy game, among many others...... Their music has really helped me in life.

  4. "Space may be the final frontier
    But it's made in a Hollywood basement"

    Always makes me smile those lyrics from californication