Friday, September 23, 2016

33 47 63 | Life by the numbers, my 'left knee' at age 33

When it comes to health, I've been relatively lucky, minus my right ear, which has been ringing non-stop without pause since I was 22-years old.  Now here I am at 33, and out of nowhere, I seem to have a real problem with my 'left knee'.  Last night, while exercising, somehow, someway, my kneecap seems to have come out of place.  Unfortunately for me, I have no insurance so right now I am hoping if I go easy it will heal up.

This 'left knee' injury at '33' came exactly 63-days after my 33rd birthday, July 21, 1983.

I have to laugh because my parents are both 63 this year, and when you sum 1-63 it totals 2016.  My mom actually turned 64 earlier this month, September 8, and if you count the span of days from my birthday to my injury, it was 64 in number.

For you young ones, enjoy your youth!  The body does wear down over time, this I can attest too.  It was the weekend either just before or just after my 30th birthday that I also busted my throwing shoulder.

Also, as I've pointed out before, the number '47' has something out for me.

9/22/16 = 9+22+16 = 47