Wednesday, September 28, 2016

93 119 | The death of Jose Fernandez, a Saturn ritual (Why Marlins were playing Mets at time of death)

With regards to the Marlins being established in '93, it is interesting that they were facing the team from New York for the game after Fernandez's 'death'.  His last name gematria also sums to '93'.

Of course New York is the land of 39 and 93, as we have well covered, thousands of times.

New York = 39/48/111 (Mets in 111the World Series, won one game, 3-9)

Do you think it is any coincidence #16, with the '93 name', has died in the 2016 MLB season?  Remember his boat was found at 3:30 am.

The team they were supposed to play the day of his death, was the team from the 33rd Parallel, Atlanta.

For some reason I'm thinking of "Evil Con" in New York, and the the trip to Florida by the "Minions" in the recent film Minions.

That film begins 1968, 33-years before 2001, the year September 11, 2001 happened.

In 1968.... 9-1-1 made emergency dialing code, WTC Construction began in New York

Remember, in Minions, they travel from New York to Florida for 'Evil Con'.

New York = 5+5+5+7+6+9+2/11 = 39/48 (Empire = 39) (NY = 39) (7/26/1788 = 39)
Minions = 4+9+5+9+6+5+1/10 = 39/48

From the start of the MLB season, April 3, typically the 93rd day of the year, to the day of Fernandez's death, was 175-days.

On September 11, Flight 175 hit the second World Trade Center tower at 9:03 am, EST.  Prior to that, Flight 11 hit floors 93-99.  Also, that day there was flight 93 of 33 passengers that crashed in Pennsylvania, supposedly.  Of course, there was also the '93 WTC Bombing.

Now notice how '175' connects to '93'.

'226' connects to '93'.

Recall, the bombing in 1993, was on the date February 26, or '2/26'.

Notice the record, 54-108.

108-years since Cub won World Series in 1908, Cubs-Marlins World Series history.... Back to the Future...

27 outs + 27 outs = 54 outs (Complete Game)

Remember, 162 games in an MLB season, and the Yankees lead with 27 World Series wins.

The last line is what has me ready to start a riot.

Don't forget the symbols on your dollar dollar bill ya'll.

And just in case you missed the time stamp at the top.