Friday, September 30, 2016

6 11 33 75 | Philippines President Duterte says he wants to massacre his nation's 3-million drug users "like Hitler", September 30, 2016 headlines

Remember, this man was just used in staged propaganda with President Obama.  He is a New World Order puppet, owned by the Zionists.  The Philippines are a garment making nation for the Zios.

If you missed Duterte's remarks from earlier this month that were front page news, here they are:

Look at the numbers used.  11 million.  6 million.  33,000.

Can you say bullshit by the numbers?

You have to love the '75th anniversary' mention as well.  New World Order = 75

Of course this news comes on September 30, or 9/30, looking something like '93', the number for 'Propaganda'.

Also, final point.  Most people who use drugs, see through New World Order bullshit.