Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chris Christie to Donald Trump's rescue?, September 29, 2016

They sure do treat us like we're stupid.  The top stories today, a New Jersey train crash, and the Governor of New Jersey, the fat fuck that he is, "to the rescue", for Donald the Dump?  Of course Donald has his casinos in New Jersey.

Still, the sheeple can't see.  Then again, nothing could ever make them see.

That said, Chris Christie is halfway decent at presenting himself in a debate, well, when he isn't rambling on about how he was sworn in to work for the Federal Government the day before September 11, 2001.


  1. Replies
    1. Next the headline will be something like, "Christie likely to 'tip the scales' for Trump in debate." Ya know, because he's fat.

    2. I just did the gematria of the phrase I randomly emphasized. 137 and 47. WOW

    3. You could work for cnn as a writer. You just have to sell your soul, that's all.. Decide now before Christie eats it.

  2. There are none so blind as those who will not see my man. Those people who are ignorant key word being IGNORE. People just want to hide from the truth.

  3. Hey Zach off topic but when Hillary wore the wrong color for the debate(Red) and Donald wore a Blue tie, did that have anything to do with the win by the Atlanta Falcons(In Red) that night? when is your book due out, have an estimate as of yet, I really appreciate all that you do. It is amazing.

  4. So today in Long Beach, CA the city painted an intersection like a piano. Looks odd.

  5. I know Anon is controlled opposition, but this post is a good connection...

    Exactly like "The Purge"

  6. Donald "weighs in" on putting the fat ass in charge of things, huh? *wink*wink*

    In charge of the buffet.

  7. Here's a picture of Christie eating M&M's if you need one! lol
    Christie M&M's-gate: Why is there a bag inside the box? Mars explains

  8. Just for fun:

    "Christie" = 46/55 91 148
    "Obese" = 46 19
    "Fat Fuck" = 48
    "Fat Ass" = 48
    "Lard Ass Chris Christie" = 222
    "Lard Ass" = 444
    "Chris Christie" = 888
    "Lard Ass Christie" = 66/93 (revelation,propaganda)
    "Donuts" = 93 (think of the rings of Saturn)
    "Chris" = 39
    His name is an obvious mocking of fat and brainwashed american christians, or as the big noses call them, Goy