Friday, September 30, 2016

46 66 129 144 | 'Christie's train wreck', August 24, 2014 reporting (September 29 NJ train wreck & Super Bowl 51)

This article is from year's ago.  It stands out in light of the September 29, 2016 Hoboken, NJ train wreck, the date leaving 93-days left in the year.  39 and 93 are big numbers in New York.

Remember, Chris Christie, CC, was born in '62.

Mason = 62; Torah = 62; Jay-Z = 62; P. Diddy = 62; Q-Tip = 62; Eazy-E = 62

Notice the relationship between '93' and '62'.

In the film 'Knowing', having to do with the wreck, the main character's name sums to '62'.  That main character, played by Nicholas Cage, is similar to Cage's character that stars in the movie about the Masons, National Treasure.

Yesterday I mentioned that the train wreck in New Jersey might be connected to the upcoming Super Bowl, especially if the Giants represent, who play in New Jersey.  Checkout the gematria of this headline from August 24, 2014.

This year is the 97th season of the NFL, and Eli Manning, the QB of the Giants, came into the season with 97 wins.

144-pages?  As I documented yesterday, this wreck came 144-days from the anniversary of the last Hoboken train station wreck.  '144' also goes with '44' and this upcoming Super Bowl has '44' connections, from the date, to 'Oblivion'.

Also, notice the date this article was written, August 24, 2014.

8/24/2014 = 8+24+20+14 = 66 (NFL = 66) (First Super Bowl in '66 season)
8/24/14 = 8+24+14 = 46 (NYG = 46) (Giants last won Super Bowl 46)

Adding insult to injury, August 24 is the day that leaves 129-days left in the year.

Yesterday's Hoboken, NJ train wreck happened 129-days before the upcoming Super Bowl in Houston.

Let us not forget about the leaking oil pipeline that runs from New York to Houston, the news from this month which reportedly began September 9.