Monday, September 26, 2016

113 | Clinton puts Trump on defense, CNN's September 26, 2016 headlines

Like I've said all year, when Trump and Clinton start debating, it will be over for Trump, because he'll look too fucking stupid.  Hillary, as much as I dislike her, did a good job clowning Trump tonight.  Donald Trump just registered a debate performance that would have even made George W. Bush look like a genius, in his 2000 campaign.

Donald Trump is a mockery of the average intelligence of the nation.

Also, as demonstrated this evening, there is nothing wrong with Hillary's health.

The strangest part about this debate, is that the Republican was wearing blue, and the Democrat was wearing red.  Traditionally, Republicans wear red and Democrats wear blue, so this was color reversal, and part of the mind play, of this very bizarre election.