Monday, September 26, 2016

13 33 77 96 | MNF, September 26, 2016, Falcons 45 - Saints 32 +Drew Brees vs Chargers Week 4

Notice the Falcons won by 13-points.  Notice they also won with 45-points.  This game came on the night of the first debate for the 45th Presidency.

Drew Brees is stuck on his 130th career win.  130.

Sean Payton is stuck with 93-careers win, and did not earn his 94th 94-days before his birthday.

Of course Will Smith died on April 9, or 9/4.

9+4 = 13
9/4/2016 = 9+4+20+16 = 49 (4+9 = 13)

No doubt the Saints are winning next week, going 1-3, against the San Diego Chargers, the team that Drew Brees played for to start his NFL career.

That game will come 91-days from the July 4, 2016 (would have been) birthday of Will Smith (Saints football player), #91, who died in the offseason.  Of course he wore #91.  It is also a span of 13-weeks.

New = 5+5+5 = 15
Orleans = 6+9+3+5+1+5+1 = 30/39
Saints = 1+1+9+5+2+1 = 19/37
New Orleans Saints = 64/91

If you sum 1 through 13, it totals 91.

Again, Will Smith's birthday was July 4, or 7/4.  San Diego also has gematria of '74', and San Diego Chargers has gematria of '99'.

San Diego Chargers also has gematria of '99', connecting back to 'thirteen', and Drew Brees, who originally played for the chargers.

San Diego = 1+1+5+4+9+5+7+6 = 38/47
Chargers = 3+8+1+9+7+5+9+1 = 43/52
San Diego Chargers = 81/99

If the Saints win next week, as expected, keep in mind they will have earned their first win of the season against the San Diego Chargers, just as the Indianapolis Colts did.  What I am reminded of is the parallel to Archie Manning, who had his son Peyton playing for the Colts, when his other son Eli was drafted by the Chargers, which caused Archie to pitch a fit, getting Eli traded to the New York Giants.

Also, I think the Saints losing with 32 to the Falcons is also a sign that Drew Brees earns his 131st win next week against his old team.

32 teams in the NFL

Also, Matt Ryan earned his 77th career win this evening, in the game summing to 77 points.

The debates for tonight are also for the office in Washington D.C., on the 77th Meridian.

Notice Brees has 54-attempts, the number that often goes with '93'.  Sean Payton is stuck on 93 career wins.

Notice Ingram had 77 rushing yards.  The sum of the game was 77 points

7x7 = 49 (Number connected to Will Smith's death)

4/9/2016 = 4+9+20+16 = 49

Will Smith died right after attending a Police Department function.

Police Officer = 77
Police Department = 77

Remember, the date of the game, September 26, 2016, was the day that left 96-days left in the year.

Matt Ryan, who earned his 77th win last night, has the nickname 'Matty Ice', perfect for MNF, or Monday Night Football.