Thursday, September 29, 2016

44 58 99 129 144 | September 29, 2016 Hoboken train wreck, 144-days after anniversary of May 8, 2011 Hoboken train wreck

This is the second time in recent years that a wreck has been reported at the same Hoboken Train Station.  The last time it happened, the New York Giants went on to win the Super Bowl, who play in New Jersey.

Notice the date of the last wreck, May 8, 2011.

5/8/2011 = 5+8+20+11 = 44 (Kill) (Grand) (Oblivion)
5/8/2011 = 5+8+2+0+1+1 = 17
5/8/11 = 5+8+11 = 24
5/8 = 5+8 = 13

Further, notice that from the anniversary of that wreck, to today's wreck, is 144-days, the number that goes with '44'.

Also, let us not forget that the date May 8 can be written 5/8 or 8/5.

'Derailed' also has gematria of '58'.

Again, we're looking for clues in the upcoming Super Bowl, in Houston, #51.  We recently saw the pipeline leak, the 'Colonial Pipeline', which runs from Houston to New York.  I have been speculating since February that we might see a repeat of the 'Greatest Game Ever Played', which was 58-years ago, Giants and Colts.

If there is a Super Bowl riddle here, it should be noted that the Giants won the Super Bowl after the last Hoboken, NJ train wreck.  Of course the Giants play in the Meadowlands, in NJ, not far from the wreck.

XLVIFeb. 5, 2012Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis)New York Giants 21, New England Patriots 17

Notice that Super Bowl was played February 5, 2012 (February 5, 2017 upcoming).  Further, it was played in Lucas Oil Stadium, where Andrew Luck now plays.  Further, think about how Peyton began where Luck now is, and won last year at age 39.  New York = 39

The last time Peyton won, Eli won the following year as well.  Think about how Peyton also lost in New Jersey in Met Life Stadium, to the Seattle Seahawks (43), when he was with the Broncos, in Super Bowl 48.

And for the last laugh, think about how Archie's Saints won their first Super Bowl over his son's Indianapolis Colts, in Super Bowl 44.

From the date of the wreck to the Super Bowl that year was 39-weeks.  The Super Bowl was played in Indianapolis, on the 39th Parallel.

Think about how Peyton retired at 39-years old last year.

Again, every New York Super Bowl win comes back to the number '39'.

The Giants won Super Bowl 46 that year.

Oh yes, and that 86th meridian coordinate.

It was 58-years ago the 'Greatest Game Ever Played' happened, between the Colts and the Giants.

Eli Manning is in his 13th season.

The Colonial Pipeline leak began 9/9, or September 9.

Again, that pipeline runs from Houston to New York, and on September 29, 129-days to the Super Bowl, we saw #99, for the Houston Texans, who are hosting Super Bowl 51, go down for the season.  Andrew Luck, born 12/9; America = 129