Friday, April 5, 2019

45 48 110 | Trump lawyers fighting tax return request, April 5, 2019 news

One distraction after the next.  Here we are on April 5, or 4/5, and Trump's tax returns are front and center.  Notice TAX sums to 45.

April 20 is upcoming, that is the 110th day of the year.

Today, April 5, 2019, has 48 date numerology as well.

4/5/2019 = 4+5+20+19 = 48 (Donald Trump = 48) (Wall = 48)


  1. "April Fifth Tax Return"=====911 S
    "Two Thousand Nineteen"=== 911 S

    "Trump's Tax Return News Date [April Fifth]"===444 <<<
    "The Trump Border Wall Visit on [April Fifth]"===444, 501
    "Four Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Three"== 444, 501

    ^^^^^^^^^ 666th Prime Number ^^^^^^^^^^

    "Symbolic Code"=666

    "New World Order Government Agenda"=444 RO, 3333 J
    "June Twelve Murder Hoax"==============3333 J

    ^^^ What Happened on June-12-1994 ^^^

    June Twelfth"====1984 <<<<

    "The Book Named [Nineteen Eighty Four]"==333
    "Operation Nineteen Eight Four"========333
    "Forty Seventh Problem of Euclid"=======333


    1. Trump left the Iran nuclear deal a.k.a. JCPOA May 8th, 2018. Today is April 5th. JCPOA = 45.
      333 days after 5/8/18.

  2. BEFORE getting a job as a Bank Teller -- the lowliest position in the banking world -- an applicant HAS to turn over their tax returns ... & yet the "leader" of our country can refuse to do so, while still retaining his position. DRUG TESTS, CREDIT REPORTS, REFERENCES -- these are just a sample of the degradations that "regular Americans" must face in order to obtain basics such as a place to live, a job or even to receive help. Every single politician & higher-tier public servant should be required to regularly do the same ... or they should dispense with these "culling tactics" altogether ... For Everyone.
    Tax = 45 (eo)
    Tier System = 45 (red) ... "Our World" = 45 (red) , 45 (rr)
    Credit Report = 74 (rr) ... Reference = 47 (rr)
    * Drug Test = 33 (red)
    * CULLING = 33 (red) , 111 (ro)

    Note: ** Banks require financial data (& other info) because employees will be handling "Other People's Money" ... & a sketchy history has Proven to be an indicator of Potential For Fraud.
    Yet those with control over OUR country's finances are NOT held to the same standard. This is By Design. It is Not An Oversight.
    :D ;D

    1. does the constitution require tax returns to run for president?

    2. No -- but the Constitution became a mute document after the Civil War & during the appropriately-labeled era of "Reconstruction". That was when the overreach of Big Government began regularly squelching Local Rule, & when Everything became Incorporated -- turnpikes & bridges, towns, schools, etc. Anything that could be weighed & measured became an asset of The City of London (the sovereign financial district -- not the actual city).

      The Constitution was created by visionaries trying to ward off the multi-layered bureaucracy that England had long employed to successfully crush & control the populace of their Empire.
      However, the British successfully took control of the Northern states after the War of 1812 (one reason we hear so little about it - Court Historians would have you think it was a skirmish over Shanghai'd sailors -- despite the fact that DC was burned & captured).
      The subsequent "Civil War" (4/12/1861 - 4/9/1865) was about England & the Corporocrats taking control of the rest of the country (the South -- hence the term "rebels").
      The few LEGITIMATE letters that remain from Southern soldiers speak of fighting for their "freedom" -- slavery isn't mentioned. Courthouses, historical societies, personal libraries & trunks of old letters & documents -- all of these were targeted for deliberate destruction, thereby providing a clean slate from which the victors could rewrite the historical narrative for future generations.
      Even as a child in the 1960's, I marveled that so little survived from a war that had occurred barely 100 years ago ... from an era when nearly 100% of the people were literate, & both soldiers & families had photos made before they left for the battlefield. And yet it is rare to find any family in the South today who still possesses any of these artifacts.
      Today the slavery excuse continues to grow, & despite the lack of Legitimate (nonfabricated) Proof, the stories of "cruelties & horror" become ever more outlandish (& reminiscent of poorly written sadomasochistic scripts) ... just as the holocaust has become the overriding theme for WW2 -- replete with a neverending supply of "survivors" & equally bizarre stories guaranteed to traumatize those who believe the dialogue.

      I make these points because very few people seem to be aware of this Giant, Glaring Lie -- specifically the fact that "Reconstruction" was exactly as labeled ...
      The Constitution became a weapon to be utilized AGAINST the People, rather than a tool to protect them. Therefore, when politicians cry foul for Constitutional reasons, it should serve as a hallmark that they are perpetrating a boondoggle, & mocking our ignorance with their protestations.

      If a clerk at a convenience store -- or an applicant for food assistance -- must submit to (& pass) a Drug Test, then so should those whose actions greatly affect our daily lives. The same holds for financial data.
      The glaring fact of this Everyday Double Standard should be the point of debate -- not an arcane (& ultimately fruitless) squabble over the Constitution.
      Like all legal documents, it can (& has been) picked at & pulled apart until the "Interpretation" says only what is most advantageous to those with the most clout.

      When it's all said & done, every bit of the Trump Tax Debate is theatrical distraction-- not only encouraging people to take sides, but also giving many the False Impression that ANY politician is concerned about anything other than themselves and their Corporate Masters. :D ;D


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