Thursday, April 4, 2019

44 62 | Google Doodle tribute to Hugh Masekela, April 4, 2019

Read about the death of Hugh Masekela here:

He died on a date with 62 numerology.  Today is 62-weeks and 2-days after his death.


  1. IMHO: His most uplifting song reminds me of summer in my youth: ""Grazing in the Grass" is an instrumental composed by Philemon Hou and first recorded by the South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela. Released in the United States as a single in 1968, it reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, ranking it as the 18th biggest hit of the year." wikipedia

  2. April Fourth is the 94th Day:

    "Hugh Masekela Sacrifice"====94 R <<< On What Day?
    "Google Doodle Tribute"=====94

    "Deaths of Jazz Trumpeters [April Fourth]"===440 O<<< April 4th?
    "Google Doodle Jazz Trumpeter Tribute Date"=440 O
    "Date of Trumpeter Sacrifice [April Fourth]"===404 O
    "Bring Him Back Home Date"============404 J


  3. He played the flugelhorn, not the trumpet

    1. "South African Trumpeter, Flugelhornist, and Cornetist"

  4. Masekela is significantly coded with eclipse and Jesus numbers. His death is perfectly synched up with total solar eclipses:


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