Sunday, July 14, 2019

39 42 57 77 | NYC power outage of July 13, 2019 on 42-year anniverary of NYC Blackout

This is a tribute to 1977, emphasis on '77.

77 is a special number to this nation and more.

July 13, 2019, the 42-year anniversary of the 1977 New York City blackout, there was another blackout, that ranged from 71st Street to 42nd Street.

In light of the 42-year anniversary....

This latest blackout happened on a date with 39 numerology as well.

7/13/19 = 7+13+19 = 39

Don't forget the recent transformer explosion in New York that turned the sky blue on December 27, 2018.   

12+27 = 39

They blamed the December 27, 2018 incident on a 'transformer'.

 12+27+18 = 57

Who won the 1977 World Series?  World Series = 57

ALSO, Broadway is a big focus of this story...


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    1. "gematria is bullshit" = 666

    2. I disagree. "A Message Understood." I will just "Stop Decoding Gematria" right now for you, because everyone has been so clear and friendly...NOT. "Symbol of Being Correct" is usually when you receive a Nod. "Are we having Fun Yet?"...Are you having fun Yet?...

      "Do I have to Stop Decode?"

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  4. Another connection between these two dates in NY.

    "July 13, 2019" = 27(Chaldean)

    "July 13, 2019" = 570(Reverse Squares)

    "13th of July" = 39(Septenary)
    "13th of July" = 39(Chaldean)

    Reggie Jackson was the MVP of the 74th World Series in '77.

    "July 13 Power Outage" = 74(Full Reduction)
    "Reggie Jackson" = 74(Reverse Full Reduction)

    "Reggie" = 42(Full Reduction)

    "Reggie" = 111(Reverse Ordinal)(New York)

    "R. Jackson" = 77(ALW Kabbalah)

    This article says it occurred at --
    6:47 PM = 18:47 Military Time = ** 9 11 ** reduced
    6:47 pm = 6 11 = 9 11 mirror
    The perfect moment for expressing 9 11 in both forms.

    The article cites "Jay APT" -- a professor of the electrical industry (?) -- as saying these things are bound to happen. More like they are APT to happen, "Prof. Jay" ...?

    Gov. Cuomo vows he will look at the Troubled Transformer himself (as if that will accomplish anything) ... is he implying that this "reason" is suspect?
    He says he must see it ...

    "With My Own QUEEN'S EYES" = 96 red , 84 rr
    >> "Queen's Eyes" = 135 eo, 135 ro, 45 red, 45 rr -- (unique!)

    Mayor DeBlasio was campaigning for president in Iowa, & the article (cryptically) says:
    "He left for his city several hours into the black."
    = ....... 609 ro = ** 69 ro (red) ... 222 rr
    "Into The Black" = ** 69 ro

    The piece cites a need for "backup" measures to ensure that things such as traffic lights don't fail -- as they apparently did Saturday.
    I smell a push for "Smart City Technology" ... :D ;D

  6. "Come From Away" is about the people of Gander, Newfoundland, Canada, who had to host some plane passengers that were rerouted there during the 9/11 "Attacks". Seems to be a nod to that. Funny thing the last several days CNN had a headline about this small Gander airport and how it played out in 9/11. Article there earlier today but I just checked and it's not on CNN now.

    1. Thanks for the info about the play -- it explains why they chose to highlight that particular one in their report. And yes -- the 9/11 connection is definitely there.

      I wonder if there's any mention in the play about the 12/12/85 plane crash that killed 256 soldiers from Ft. Campbell Ky -- who were returning home for Christmas -- from a deployment in Cairo, Egypt ...
      It's interesting that wiki now lists the crash as "Arrow Air Flight 1285" -- which makes it not so readily identifiable as "Gander Crash" (how it was described for years).
      It's also notable that the "Come From Away" side story to 9/11 has been memorialized, yet the 1985 Gander Crash has pretty much been swept under the rug.
      Now, by inflating the relevance of this 9/11 footnote (via the play, etc.), the Gander Crash will be pushed even deeper down the memory hole. When searches involving "Gander" & "Airport" are made, the top results will soon involve this play ... with still more layers added thanks to the 7/13 blackout story.
      That's how info that can't be completely erased (yet) is "disappeared" -- they bury it under other data that is just similar enough to be triggered by likely search words.
      Sometimes it takes awhile, but it's very effective -- especially when the target audience is ignorant & has a short attention span ... ie. young people. In another generation or two, none of today's "history" will be recognizable. :D ;D

    2. Absolutely agree with you. The most recent date always "creams" to the surface. That's why they keep regurgitating the bullshit lies, so they keep surfacing to the top. I will look up that 12/12/85 flight tomorrow. Thanks!


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