Saturday, August 17, 2019

44 | Josh McCown signs with Philadelphia Eagles, August 17, 2019

They show him in the Jets jersey.  JETS = 54 / 54

This news comes 44-days after his birthday, on a date with 44 numerology.

8/17/19 = 8+17+19 = 44

His name is something else.

245 = 2+4+5 = 11
Football = 83
Masonic = 115


  1. That guy still playing in the nfl??

  2. zach number 54 with the jets is out for the year as of Thursday with an ACL injury

  3. The Jets and McCown are obviously clues for other teams.hes been a clue for years having been moved so much. I of course don't know what it all means.
    But he has made a total of 49 million up to now. Its,actually 49,668, but I'm just focusing on the 49, because I of course have seen multiple 49ers clues. He was also signed by the Eagles for 5.4 million. 49 million plus 5 million, equals 54.

  4. The Jets changed their uniform. I have come to the realization that uniform changes are also clues for other teams and who will make the super bowl.. everything g from the designs to the names of the colors.

  5. Well, he is a clue of some sort but it's obvious to me, IMO, that the Jets and Eagles won't be SB bound.

  6. His brother Luke McCown, played for 5 teams as well.

  7. Lol, he's listed as Joshua Treadwell McCown on profootballreference. Who the hell names a white kid Treadwell? It's listed as a middle name, not a nickname. I wonder if Laquan Treadwell of Minn. Will be traded? When he was drafted by Minn. He said "sounds like super bowl to me". When will minn get theirs?

    1. Treadwell= 100,53. Type fifty three and it equals 49

  8. Eagles = 49,22,32. Lol there's my 49 again :) . He made 49 million before getting signed to 5.4 now.

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