Monday, August 5, 2019

52 58 68 85 | Dow plunges 600 points have China devalues its currency, August 5, 2019

Here we are, in the days leading up to August 11, and on Monday, August 5, the market begins with one of its worst days in history.

ALSO, as I have been stating, the markets performance is in tune with Trump, the "House of Cards" president.  Today is 5/8, or 8/5, and Trump is the "winner" of the 58th US Presidential Selection.

Donald John Trump = 85
Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58

At this moment, the Dow is down -858...

Today's news is supposedly because of the trade war "he" escalated with China.

But as we all know, puppets don't make decisions.

August 5 leaves 148-days left in the year.

Today is 52-days after Trump's birthday.

Trump is #45.

Don't forget, there are 52-cards in a deck...

Read about Trump's 2016 election, House of Cards, and Tisha B'Av:

Read about Francis Underwood & Donald Trump:

Don't forget the Dow finished up 13.4% the year Trump was elected.

Tisha B'Av is this weekend, August 10 and 11.

Tomorrow will be August 6, or 6/8.

Today is 25-days after the market hit 27,000, July 11:

Keep in mind August 6 is the 218th day of the year.  TRUMP = 218

President of the United States = 147
U.S. President = 147
Freemason = 147 

Today is 927-days after Trump took office.  Think 'Jesuit'.

Recall, Trump became President elect 52-years after attending Fordham, a Jesuit school.


  1. August 6th tomorrow, 6/8 or 8/6
    Donald John Trump=68 (Full reduction)

    Notice also that from the 10/3 "PRESIDENTAL ALERT" last year, to August 6th is 10 months, 3 days. The Presidental alert message was sent at 2:18pm. Tomorrow is the 218th day of the year.
    TRUMP=218 (Francis bacon)
    Stock market crash=103
    Leaves 147 days left of the year. Conspiracy=147

    Also 162 days from 26th of February. Berlin wall=162. Feb 26 when the house symbolically voted Trump's national emergency (Regarding the WALL). From 9/11 was 911 weeks to Feb 26 of course you know that.
    From Trump's 9/11 victory to crucial Feb 26 is 120 weeks. Illuminati=120.
    2 years, 222 days from him becoming the republican nominee to feb 26.

    158 days from 3/1/19 which was the last and latest "Deadline" for "trade war". 3119 days between WTC attacks and Freemasonry=158.

    Notice also how Trump retweeted 2 days ago a video of Steve Bannon talking about "TRADE WAR". The length of the video was 2:18 lol. Also from Bannon's departure from White house to August 6th would be 1 year, 11 months, 19 days.

    From Israel's establishment date 2 months, 23 days.223.

    To Wilbur Ross (Rothschild banker in the white house) birthday is 3 months 22 days. Judaism=322. Notice he also currently has 665 tweets on Twitter.

    1. Let us expect something big to happen on september 13 also.
      33 days after August 11, and 88888 days since the establishment of the Illuminati.
      Donald J Trump=888 (Sumerian)
      Mike Pence and his wife born 888 days apart

    2. Tomorrow's also a date with 26 and 33 numerology. Dollar, bank = 26, Dow Jones = 33.

    3. Yeah would be something if the Dow Jones dropped 15,6%
      911, 156th prime
      Thirty three=156

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  3. Dayton=6
    El Paso=6
    Dow down 600
    Now it’s down 900

  4. Hmm.
    Jared Kushner 14088 days old tomorrow
    He is born on 1/10
    Trump assassination=1488 (Sumerian)

    Notice that, JFK assassination=1122 (Sumerian)
    And he was murdered on 11/22.
    Might be symbolic?

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