Sunday, February 5, 2017

33 41 51 61 131 137 | House of Cards, Episode 51, (Season 4, Episode 12) & the death of Gwen Ifill at 61, 83-days before Super Bowl 51

The first thing I noticed in Episode 51, was the fictional Presidential debates for 2016, where Gwen Ifill was a part of the episode wearing purple.  Purple = 88; Trump = 88

Today's game comes 88-days after the announced "selection" of Trump, November 9, or 11/9.

Underwood = 119; Donald = 119; All Seeing Eye = 119; Master Plan = 119

Recall, Gwen Ifill died at '61', November 14, 2016, 83-days before Super Bowl 51.  News = 61

Super Bowl 51 is to close out the 97th season of the NFL.

Her age of death, '61', sums to the same thing as 'Super Bowl'.

This also happens in the episode.  This is the "ISIS" for Netflix's House of Cards.

Notice the "terrorist" is white.

137 is the 33rd prime number.

The name of the family the terrorists have is "Miller".

Keep in mind this was the '51st' episode of House of Cards.


With '24' minutes left, this happens.... Muslim = 24/33; The Sun = 24/33

Halabi = 24/33 (Muslim = 24/33)
Ibrahim Halabi = 66/93 (Propaganda = 93)

This man is talking about how misplaced hatred for Muslims is not necessary because of "ICO", the equivalent of "ISIS" or "ISIL".  He even speaks against the political rhetoric of "travel bans for Muslims"....

From White House to Hollywood, we know who controls it.

The terrorists end up being named:

Joshua Masterson
Zachary Hawthorne

The names weird me out a little bit...

...In episode 52 we get this shot on the Miller story...

Notice the time on the clock 1:37...

Let us not forget the name of the President from House of Cards, in light of 'President Trump', as in 'Trump Card'.