Saturday, February 25, 2017

223 | The Flat Earth Theory, Washington Irving & Kyrie Irving's & Draymond Green's flat earth remarks over All-Star weekend

I covered this already, but one more time for those still asking.

Kyrie wears #2
Draymond wears #23

Masonic = 223;The Synagogue of Satan = 223

We know Draymond is a willing participant in psyops.  Perhaps Kyrie is too.

ALSO, remember, it was Washington Irving who is largely credited with spreading the myth of the flat earth,  In this story, it is Kyrie Irving who is getting the brunt of the attention.

Green = 49; Washington = 49 (Washington, only state with a Green Flag)

And for a second connection...

Remember where the flat earth hysteria comes from in America?  Zion City, outside of the Zionist mecca, Chicago, Illinois.

The same type of Masonic-Zionists that no doubt ran Zion City, are the same types that run the NBA.

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