Sunday, February 26, 2017

33 44 79 88 113 138 | 'Moonlight' called as Oscars winner after La La Land mistake by Warren Beatty * Faye Dunaway, February 26, 2017

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Perverted = 113; Green Screen = 113; Scottish = 113

Also... we'll get to how this staged scene is all about Donald.

It was Warren Beatty who made the mistake, reportedly.

Warren = 79 (Ordinal) He is 79-years-old at the time of this incident

This incident came a span of 33-days from Warren Beatty's upcoming 80th birthday.

33 and 113, we've seen it together many times before.

It should be noted that La La Land was up for 14-awards, tying Titanic.  Just before the Oscar's, it was announced that Bill Paxton was dead, who played in Titanic.

Also interesting, the film came out 79-days before the award mishaps.  That goes well with Beatty being 79-years old and having a 79 Name Gematria.

12/9/2016 = 12+9+20+16 = 57 (La La Land = 57) (Moon = 57) (Scottish Rite = 57)

There's also a parallel between the word 'Moon' and the name 'La La Land'.  Remember, the Jews are very obsessed with the moon.

Also, it was Faye Dunaway who participated in calling out the wrong winner.  Her 76th birthday was a span of 44-days before the mishaps.

Warren and Faye once started in Bonnie and Clyde, August 13, 1967, the 6-year anniversary of start of construction on the Berlin Wall.

The date Bonnie and Clyde debuted points right to Donald Trump, just like the Berlin Wall.

8/13/67 = 8+13+67 = 88 (Trump = 88)

The date can be written 13/8, a lot like '138'.

This decision came 110-days after the "election", November 8, 2016.

The date of the mishaps also connects to Trump.

2/26/17 = 2+26+17 = 45 (Faye Dunaway = 45)


They're now calling the incident 'Envelopegate'.  Gate = 7+1+20+5 = 33

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