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13 39 40 41 42 119 | The Wizard of Oz, the story of every American (1939-present) +Judy Garland's drug overdose

Nearly 40-years?  So 39 and some change?  This film came out in '39.

We know who likes '39'.

United States = 40
Old Testament = 40; 39-Books in Old Testament

In the Old Testament, there are 929-Chapters.

United States of America = 929 (Jewish Gematria)

Dorothy had some trouble with the Witch in town.  It made her sing a song.

USA = 119 (Francis Bacon)

All Seeing Eye = 119
Star of David = 119
Master Plan = 119

Dorothy just wanted someone to listen her, but she was a silly kid, and there were adult things to do.

Then the Wicked Witch of Kansas came to claim Dorothy's dog for extermination because it bit her earlier.  She said something like, give me the dog or I'll sue you for everything you're worth.

Dorothy's Aunt M gives the Witch a piece of her mind.  After the witch leaves with the dog, she doesn't notice that Toto slips out of the basket and runs home to Dorothy.

To save her dog Toto, she hits the road.

Along the way, she finds a psychic.

The psychic show's something is wrong with Aunt M, so Dorothy goes back home to her Aunt.

But there's a storm happening at the old home.

Dorothy gets back too late.  They're all in the storm cellar already.

The 1939 film showcases 'munchkin' land.

Munchkin = 39 (Reduction)

I think they were foreshadowing 2017 hair fashion.

Dorothy is the hero because she killed the Wicked Witch of the East upon her arrival, with her house landing on the witch.

But then the Wicked Witch of the West arrived.

She wanted those red (silver in the book) slippers.

But they were Dorothy's.

When the witch disappears, it's like a bomb going off.

It was probably supposed to be predictive programming for Hiroshima.

Are you under the spell yet?

Scarecrow's opening line is about how dumb people talk too much.

Scarecrow = 42
Dorothy = 42

Keep in mind she was over the 'rainbow'.


Then Tin Man.

Then Lion.

This is my favorite part in the movie.  When the witch says, "I'll put them to sleep with the poppies!"

Poppies = 42
Heroin = 42
Dorothy = 42

Intoxicating a people with substances.... OZ... USA...

Oz = 41; USA = 41

It is the Emerald City, just beyond the poppies, where the Wizard resides.

It's interesting that Seattle is known as the Emerald City, on the 47th Parallel.

Judy Garland reportedly died from a drug overdose later in her life, 12-days after turning 47-years-old, that special number.

Planet = 226
Saturn = 93
Two Hundred Twenty Six = 93

Saturn is the keeper of time.

Time = 47

In the book, it is a gold road and silver slippers that leads to the Emerald City.  Gold, Silver... and Green like money.

Surrender Dorothy = 227 (Ordinal)

The man with the smoke and fire machine wanted the Witch's broom before he granted any wishes.

The Witch would set Scarecrow on fire, causing Dorothy to throw a bucket of water on the fire that would hit the Witch, causing her to melt.

Later when Dorothy explains to the Wizard of Oz that she melted the Witch, he goes, "Oh, you liquidated her."  I'm sure many of Jews at Hollywood got a kick out of that line.

Toto doesn't fear the man behind the curtain!

For brains, a diploma.

For courage, a medal.

For a heart, a heart shaped clock.  Each beat, one less, like time.

And for Dorothy, hot air.

And finally, it was all a dream.

13 stripes
13 Colonies
13 years of public school

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