Sunday, February 26, 2017

34 44 48 79 93 | The death hoax of Nicki Minaj, February 25, 2017 +By the same numbers reported murders / deaths occur

*Today is February 26, so I don't know why this is time stamped for tomorrow.

Notice the hoax came on a date with '44' numerology.

2/25/17 = 2+25+17 = 44 (Kill = 44) (Execution = 44)

Also, keep in mind she was born on December 8, the Day John Lennon and Dimebag Darrell were killed, plus more.

She is also 34-years-old right now.

Murder = 34

This news came 79-days after her birthday as well.

It seems this hoax was by the same numbers we see the reported deaths and murders go by.

The name Nicki Minaj is also interesting in Gematria, connecting to 'hoax'.

Propaganda = 48/93
Hoax = 21/48

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