Monday, November 14, 2016

47 61 79 119 | Reported death of Gwen Ifill of PBS, at age 61, November 14, 2016

A new anchor, dead at '61', on a date with '61' numerology?

11/14/2016 = 11+14+20+16 = 61
News = 14+5+23+19 = 61

Remember, for most people, the 'news' is their 'God'.

Today's date also has the following numerology.

11/14/2016 = 11+14+2+0+1+6  = 34 (Murder)
11/14/2016 = 1+1+1+4+2+0+1+6 = 16
11/14/16 = 11+14+16 = 41 (13th prime)

Her TV name has very fascinating gematria.

Gwendolyn = 7+5+5+5+4+6+3+7+5 = 47 (Star of David) (Authority)
Gwen = 7+5+5+5 = 22
Ifill = 9+6+9+3+3 = 30
Gwendolyn Ifill = 77
Gwen Ifill = 52

Gwendolyn = 7+23+5+14+4+15+12+25+14 = 119 (All Seeing Eye) (Star of David)
Gwen = 7+23+5+14 = 49
Ifill = 9+6+9+12+12 = 48
Gwendolyn Ifill = 167 (39th prime number)
Gwen Ifill = 97

Notice her initials breakdown to GI, or 79.

Her cause of death relates.

From her 61st birthday to her 61st death, was 46-days, or a span of 47-days.

November 14 leaves 47-days left in the year.  Agent = 47; Authority = 47

'47' is the number of the gang that runs TV, the Zionist Jews.

The Zionist Nation of Israel was recognized November 29, 1947.


  1. Patriots Day, a new Mark Wahlberg flick, comes out randomly on 11/17(Thursday is not a usual day for movie releases) Patriots Day=888

    1. Hahaha these people have to be reading this message board at this point lol.

  2. Are you saying this was a sacrifice, a coincidence, or rigged?

    All these numbers clearly seem to be saying something, I just can't tell what.

    1. Maybe one of those North Korean or Iranian vacations,.. I've heard New Zeland, too, but that was from my 'homiez' biggie and tupac.

  3. Gwen Ifill sounds like a Welsh name.



      Pretty good. And Gwen means white or holy

    2. Let's run with E if few as in the tower.

      1,665 steps to the top.

      Lets turn that into a math equation. 1+665 = 666

      My Pagan (Christian) 666 for the day.

    3. I am so sick of Google out raining my correct spellings. I mean I have to put quotes around 'hulk hogan' to not get a mistake.


      It also swells up to 6 inches in height, depending on the temp.


    4. Interesting parallel.
      "Eiffel Tower" in English Reduction equals 61

  4. I saw her periodically when she was reporting on the happenings of the election (primarily Hillary's campaign) and she never appeared ill. At her first job as a journalist, she found a note on her desk that read "Nigger Go Home".
    "Ifill" in the English Reduction system equals 30
    "Ill" in English Ordinal system equals 33
    "Suspicious Death" in English Reduction equals 63
    "Nigger Go Home" in English Ordinal system 123
    "Hillary Clinton For President" in English Ordinal equals 321

  5. From the memorial service pictures, there was no body shown and not even a closed casket. Perhaps she was cremated.