Monday, August 12, 2019

85 107 223 226 | Warren Buffet predicted 'megacatastrophe' for United States, February 23, 2019

This letter was published Saturday, February 23, 2019.

If there is to be "The Big One" in 2019, October 7, 2019 could be a fitting day.

Notice October 7 leaves 85-days left in the year.

October 7 can also be expressed as 10/7, like 107.

2/23/19 = 2+23+19 = 44 (Earthquake = 44 / 107) (Military = 44 / 107)

 October 7 is 32-weeks and 2-days after Warren Buffet's prediction.

As for the 226-days, in Jewish Gematria, 'The Big One' sums to 226.

Recall, after the July 4 and July 5 earthquakes, the media said to get ready for the 'big one':


  1. Don't forget "the big one"=226 in Jewish.

  2. 15.8.2019..
    The big one=158
    15.8, the 227th day of the year.
    High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program=227 (Reverse full reduction)
    -Notice Wilbur Ross (Rothschild banker) was voted the secretary of commerce in Senate on 2/27, votes were 27-72, and crashing now on the 227th day?

    Wilbur Ross=156
    Thirty three=156
    911, 156th prime

    Lets not forget exactly 119 weeks from Jay Clayton becoming the chairman of SEC. on 4/5 date.
    Trump became the 45th president on 9/11.

    August fifteen=197 (Reverse ordinal)
    Trump became the republican nominee on 19.7 date
    197, the 45th prime.
    Interestingly 1122 days from his 19.7 republican nominee victory date. JFK murdered 11/22.
    ALSO 19 years, 7 months exactly from his "The America we deserve" to August 15th..
    Jewish conspiracy=197 (English ordinal)

    From Grim Reaper appearance on the Golden gate to August 15th is 1 year, 22 days.
    Illuminati established on the 122th day of the year.

    Society of Jesus was established on 15/8

    US abandoned Gold standard on 15/8

    Lehman Brothers=158

    The former FED chairman Janet Yellen is 26666 days on August 15th with a date numerology of 26.

    August fifteenth=223 (Reverse ordinal)
    Natural disaster=223 (Reverse ordinal)
    High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program =223 (Full reduc.)

    15.8 = 15x8=120
    Six hundred and sixty six=120 (Reverse full reduction)

    My thoughts.

    1. Great info. It has all been about Pi. Just noticed August 15 is that Nipsey Hussle's b-date too. Something interesting, from August 15 (the 227th day of year, 22/7 = 3.14) to November 10 (the 314th day of the year)
      = 88 days, or 2 months 27 days, including end date.

  3. 8/11 was NOT the big one. Better luck next time =666

  4. Next year is a leap year, 8/11 leaves 142 days left in the year.

    Hind sight is 2020.

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