Sunday, July 7, 2019

52 74 128 | Mainstream media hyping 'Big One' (next major earthquake on west coast), July 2019

Notice how 'Big One', sums to 52, the number that weather / earth warfare is centered on.

*August 25 will be 52-days after July 4, and a date with 52 numerology.

8/25/19 = 8+25+19 = 52

August 25 also leaves 128-days left in the year, connecting back to the 'Independence Day' quake.

Ridgecrest, California sums to 128 as well:

Interestingly enough, August twenty-fifth sums to 74, same as 'Independence Day'.

Recall, the July 4, 2019 earthquake was synced with the August 24, 2014 earthquake, one day off the mark of August 25.


  1. Big one on 8/11 dude...
    58 numerology.
    Big one = 580 squares.
    Everything lines up to perfectly for 8/11 big one..

    1. 811 <<< 141st Prime

      "A California Big One" = 141, 333
      "Compton" = 333

      "Big One Coming in California U.S.A." = 811 J <<<

    2. Gordon Ramsey the chef born on 11/8. UK

      Russian Submarine in 2000 118 lives lost

      Miami dolphin player #74 amputated=52 arm on 7/4

      Luke lost his ARM in Star Wars

      MAR= WAR=RAM .. Trumps Arms race with NK

      Either some ET bullshit or some kind of accident Explosion

      Nurse coach of the Raptors said “ Kawhi is going home”

      ET Phone home ! Also lebron left Miami to go Home

      Trump said “ Vietnam was too far from Home”

      Home alone star hates trump

      Home ciphers are crazy ­čśť look it up

  2. KD revealed his new number “7” on July 7th, the 7th month.��

  3. The three weeks begins on your birthday since Tammuz 17 is on Sabbath the fasting/mourning won't start till the 18th. Remember that "Shiv'ah Asar b'Tammuz" = 202 ordinal just like "red heifer" = 202 Jewish. July 21st the 202nd day.

  4. An earthquake in Indonesia today with 177 days left in the year in the "Molucca Sea" summing to 177 reverse ordinal. The date numerology is right for "quake" 26 and "earthquake" 53 in one of the KV ciphers. 7.1 magnitude again to go with "Ring of Fire" 71.

  5. 36 days before August 11 they highlight the word "overdue" in the article in reference to the Big One. Nice.

  6. Big O= Oscar Robertson ... Could be sacrificed he loves lebron aka lebitch James

  7. Interesting that they wrote "are we close to THE big one" instead of "Are we close to A big one"


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