Tuesday, September 3, 2019

27 50 54 92 162 | Chase Numata, MLB prospect, dies at 27, after skateboarding accident, September 2, 2019


Notice the emphasis on 'was beloved'.

He died while 'skateboarding'.


Chace Numata died Monday, September 2, 2019, a date with 50 numerology, 50-days before the start of the World Series.  He was a member of the 'SeaWolves'.

9/2/2019 = 9+2+20+19 = 50

Notice, he played for the Phillies, Yankees, and Tigers.  Two of those three teams have a shot at making it to the World Series.

ALSO, he was 27.

He died on a Monday.

His name was Chace Numata.

He died on 9/2, September 2.


  1. Chase bank opened new warriors stadium today..?

  2. Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life, Rule 11: Do Not Bother Children When They Are Skateboarding.

  3. He played 71 games for the Erie Seawolves this season. Erie = 71.

    Erie PA = 54, 36, 108, 36.
    Lot of overlap with Baseball and Geometry.

  4. Check out this single in the St. Louis game.. Shit was straight up remote controlled....



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