Saturday, September 7, 2019

44 55 97 | Lightning storm over Seattle delays Washington Huskies game, September 7, 2019

The lightning storm over Seattle comes during "football weekend", and year after year, the weather is always the most bizarre the weekend the NFL starts back up.  It truly is clockwork.

Today has 55 date numerology.

9/7/2019 = 9+7+20+19 = 55

The lightning caused a major delay with the Washington Huskies game.

Notice the overlap with Seattle and lightning as well.

I am not in Seattle anymore, and over 100 miles from the city, but I can still see the lightning, and what is strange is it is occurring in all directions, but there is no thunder.  Prior to today, I don't ever recall a lightning storm that was taking place all three hundred and sixty degrees around me.


  1. I was in Auburn, Washington, and this storm was right above us and there was plenty of thunder. Crack and rumble, it was one of the coolest, frightening, amazing, things ever. Only 2 other times come close to this one. A tornado warning in Montana with the clouds swirling right above us and another time in the Blue Mountains and a thunderstorm rolling right above us as well. Wether this is man made weather or Mother Nature doing her job the way I see I have no control over it so i may as well sit back and enjoy it.

    1. I was also there... Never seen so much light ing in my life .. no thunder sounds.. just like a few weeks ago, major lightning. No thunder. Haarp for sure


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