Monday, September 16, 2019

44 58 | LaVarr Ball calls Lonzo damaged goods, September 16, 2019 news

The father calls his son 'damaged goods', eh?

Freemasonry = 58; Secret Society = 58; Rosicrucian = 58

This news comes on a 44 date numerology.

9/16/19 = 9+16+19 = 44


  1. Jack chapman
    Hey Zach. ... no disrespect man your work is definitely solid and no doubt heading in the right direction but ...... man you can’t make any money off it...I mean sure you hit some but there’s no consistency...I mean I bet on the giants in the morning and lose.... then I chase with the raiders in the afternoon and lose... like it’s no good to continue these break downs if they don’t pay or come up ... anyways I appreciate what you do but impossible to make cash off your pics :((

    1. U cant win sports betting using gemotria, havent you all earned yet, its narratives that determine it among other things, even numerology/astrology perhaps, not gemotria, u will always lose, I gaurantee it!!

    2. Its seems to only be consistent with big time games and championships

    3. Even that went to hell. He got the NBA Finals wrong, NHL wrong (Multiple picks, all wrong), MLB was embarrassingly wrong, so now NFL he wont make 1 Super Bowl picks, and now weekly he just post narratives on both sides.

      Zach simply just collecting his paycheck. Sad to see he's destroyed the community while doing this.

  2. 1. CP3 leaves
    2. Davis leaves
    3. Zion injured
    4. Brees injured
    5. Saints P.I play
    6. LSU fires coach
    7. LSU draft picks either injured or not producing after contracts
    8. The congressional whip shot Scalise
    9. Saints Coach fined and suspended
    10. Former coach wife died
    11. pistol Pete #44 died at an early age

    Seems like New Orleans has voo doo

  3. NYC wants 8 years of trumps tax returns

    Remember when Netanyahu called trump CYRUS=49
    And he was pictured in the 3rd temple coin ? The
    DA in charge is CYRUS VANCE
    Now it’s funny that VANCE Jones helped Trump
    With PRISON reform act
    We all know that the biggest mafia boss
    Al Capone ended up in SF Alcatraz=134
    For tax evasion.
    Tax Fraud=49
    This is a strong Signal as I mentioned that Kamala Harris
    Will face trump in 2020

    Remember the stormi Daniels payment was 130k
    Like the drone that was shot down by Syria

    Should get interesting.
    Tax cheat=134
    Don’t forget the Bucks vs warriors 134pt Game

    Rikers island=58

  4. Trump=88 Epstein =88
    8 years of taxes
    Epstein spent 13 months on house arrest

    The mockery Jarrod Warren Ramos age 39
    Trump tower=52
    5 dead 2 injured
    In 2016 the Patriots came back from 25pt deficit
    Notice Tom Brady skipped the White House
    Notice Journalist Kashogi was murdered
    Notice trump says “ news media is the ENEMY=73”
    Notice trump is 73 years old

    1 year 1 month 19 days from election on 11/3/2020
    415 days

  5. So cowboys play the Dolphins on 9/22 which will leave 100 days left in the year and cowboys are playing at home the cowboys and Dolphins are tied 7-7 all time facing each other but cowboys at home are 5-3 at home while dolphins so cowboys could go 5-4 all time at home against the Dolphins with 100 days left in the year like Super Bowl 54 in Miami or cowboys could go 8-7 all time as Cowboys equals 87 in reverse ordinal


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