Monday, September 16, 2019

45 47 | SNL fires Shane Gillis over past remarks (racist & homophobic), September 16, 2019, prior to 45th season

This firing is a ritual, coming just before the start of the 45th SNL season.

Shane = 47; Racist = 47


  1. "S.N.L. Slur" = 115
    "A Racial Slur" = 115
    "A SNL Message" = 115
    "Shane Gillis" = 115
    "M.L.B. Dodgers" = 115
    "Winners [L.A.]" = 115
    "L.A. Dodgers Win" = 115
    "Decode MLB Riddle" = 115

    "Dodgers - Yankees Series" = 115
    "September Sixteenth S.N.L." = 115
    "One Hundred Fifteenth Teams" = 115 <<< 115th World Series?

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    1. If what you're saying is true, why would people continue to pay him for his picks? If people are losing a lot of money, I doubt loyalty would keep them on board. If you don't like his picks, unsubscribe. Simple shit.

    2. Exactly Dave. Ignore the troll. He's just another loser. PERIOD.


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