Wednesday, September 11, 2019

47 54 213 | Girlfriend of Browns DE Chris Smith killed in roadside accident, September 11, 2019

A 47-year-old, in Ohio?

The victim's name connects to 'Freemasonry'.

The death of Petara Cordero comes 212-days after his birthday.

*The Brown are playing in the (212) area code next, New York.

 This news also comes on the 213th day of his age, a number connecting to death.

And notice Chris Smith has the 54 connection.  This is the 100th NFL season, ending with Super Bowl 54.

The Browns play the Jets next.

The name Petara Cordero sums to 67 like 'blood sacrifice'.

And last her name goes well with September Eleventh.


  1. Conference championship.
    But yeah, they pound the Jets too

  2. Brady says it’s a “ Marathon=45”
    The Pats are going to make history tie the 1990-93 bills
    With 4 straight Super Bowls
    199= Brady’s draft position
    Flight 93 from Boston

    Getting tired of giving out Free truth unlike bozo

  3. So stupid lol
    To come up with this bullshit

  4. Brandin cooks, tyrell Williams, John brown, James washington (steelers), Marvin Jones.. Start 2? Who?

  5. So take the Browns and the over,, Darnold has mono. The over under is 45.5.. so over 47 then, or Browns score 47 points?

  6. Ohio so important to the Great Conjunction. That's what it's about. Keep in mind 3 of the 8 presidents who died in office were from Ohio.


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