Monday, September 9, 2019

47 | An article on the number 47 by someone who does not know Gematria

If you read the article above, it has much to do with Capital Steez, the rapper who was obsessed with the number 47.

Below is a section of my book on the death of Capital Steez.

Courtney Dewar Jr. (Capital STEEZ), July 7, 1993 – December 23, 2012

The rapper known as ‘Capital STEEZ’ would reportedly commit ‘suicide’ at 11:59 PM, December 23, 2012, a date with numerology of 47 (12+23+12 = 47). This is fascinating because his rap name, ‘Capital STEEZ’, sums to 47 in Reduction, whereas ‘suicide’ equates to 47 in Reverse Reduction. Consider, he had released his first solo mix tape on April 7, 2012, a date expressed 4/7, and he had communicated his fascination with the number 47, stating it was the “perfect expression of balance in the world”. Some people said he was obsessed with the number.

Further, he was connected to the rapper ‘Joey Badass’, having Gematria of 47 as well. The name ‘Joey Badass’ also possesses Gematria of 169, and Capital STEEZ died 169- days after his own birthday, or otherwise said, on his 170th day of being 19-years-old. As a reminder, the word ‘sacrifice’ sums to 170 in Reverse Ordinal Gematria. Furthermore, his date of passing was also one with numerology of 67, connecting to ‘blood sacrifice’. For one more connection to the rapper ‘Joey Badass’, a name summing to 29 in

Reduction, STEEZ died a span of 29-days from the 18th birthday of Joey Badass, January 20, 2013.

Back on the subject of 47, we know how the number relates to ‘time’. We also know how ‘Saturn’, summing to 93, is the keeper of time. In this case, the man born Courtney Dewar Jr., came into the world in ’93, and the building he jumped from was the ‘Cinematic Music Group’ building, summing to 93 in Reduction Gematria. In other words, it is clear this 19-year-old, on the verge of fame and success, did not take his own life, but instead, had it taken from him. What is also clear is that his death was for the future career of Joey Badass.


  1. Interesting title for the article there especially since 'Time'=47.
    The Number 47, Syncronicity And The Law of Time=175, 212. The first Masonic grand lodge of England opened on 6/24/1717 which is the 175th day of the year. Prince died off of highway 212 and said we nothing to go by but prophecy.
    The Number 47=43, 47, 106, 137 the 33rd prime, 470 in Jewish as well.
    Syncronicity And The Law of Time=141, 147, 156, 330.
    Thirty-Three=141, 156.


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  3. Have to try on pc. Article isn't loading on phone

  4. Glad you read my email, keep it up! 👍

  5. Replies
    1. "Made Field Goal" = 58
      "Hero Kicker" = 58
      "Winning FG" = 58

  6. Thought it was 48? Yes, I didn't look yet

  7. Did you see that Gruden thing where he was counting backwards in 3s...97,94,91 etc. A bit of gematria humor there, or numerology

  8. Im sorry but this persons job its to try decieve everyone who goes looking about "what is 47" by stating that it has to do with a "mystical" and random "synchronisity". In other words the author of this article could very well know about Gematria and its just another shill way to hide the truth in plane site...
    Btw this article came out when i did a google search on the "number 47" it was the first article after a description of the number. Which means that google its perpesly putting it in the first search for the people who are new to this number..
    Ps. Your welcome!

  9. In video game series hitman, the main charachter is know as agent 47

    Agent = 47

  10. Forty seven = 49, 149, 50,121
    :) 49


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