Sunday, September 8, 2019

77 97 147 | Death of Vernon Davis' grandfather, Lynwood Smith, September 7, 2019

This death came a span of 147-days to Vernon Davis' upcoming birthday.

His grandfather's name, Lynwood Smith, sums to 147.

Keep in mind, he died on September 7, or 9/7.  Death = 97

He also died 7-months and 7-days after Vernon's last birthday.  As I routinely remind on Patreon, 77 is the "D.C." number.


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    1. Packers (indian packing company),Chiefs, +Indianapolis+ Colts, Redskins.. I think all indian themes/mascots make playoffs, except for Seahawks

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  3. Vernon Davis had the first touchdown of the game on some broken tackles, wears #85. Washington Redskins = 85.

    1. john Larson fucks pencil sharpenerSeptember 8, 2019 at 10:35 PM

      Oh my heavens if you want to even call those attempted tackles. They just let him go. Sucks I can't stop watching this shit it's so bad though

    2. i tell people, on occasion.. dont watch the ball, just watch defenders on big plays.. you just see them slow down and lamely reach arms out, take bad angles. they dont grasp or flex with their hands.. lose their balance for no reason

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  5. Browns lose to Titans, therefore lose to Pats in playoffs.. Brady handing his rings to Baker to hold.
    Belichick is connected to Nashville Tenn. , therefore he's connected to Titans. Thats why Titans beat Browns today.

    Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield, OBJ "flop" in opener against Tennessee
    flop= 49,22,"59".. 49 :)
    fifty nine= 54,45
    the Ravens are connected to the 49ers.
    Ravens scored "59" points vs Miami
    Lamar Jackson is #8..eight= 49
    purple = 88,34
    california=88 , where niners are from
    aboriginal = 88 ,this relates to the black/indian history in america.
    new england vs san francisco= 100,134,262
    san=34 Francisco= 88

  6. should look into Rafael Nadal (33 years old), just won his 19th grand slam title on September 8, 9/8, 98 days after his birthday

  7. you know what..? I bet this applies to the Redskins-Patriots game on october 6th. I think Dwayne Haskins beats Brady.
    drafted 1st round, 15th over all.( Antonios 15 million contract)
    his birthday is 5/3/2019, thats 5 months and 3 days before Skins oct 6th game vs Pats..22 weeks and 2 days = SB date ( no, Skins arent going to SB)
    he's black and he's number 7 = Kaepernick #7 (whom beat Pats in Foxboro 2 days after sandyhook)
    the niners had Vernon and Randy moss that night. Vernon caught 1 pass for 10 yrds
    that game was 12.16.2012,, 16= Joe montana. 10/6 =16
    this game is in Washington
    washington =49,50
    DC=7,47,.. 7 is Haskins number
    october sixth= 59,fifty nine=54,45
    october six=49,59
    october 6= 84,39,45.. AB's number 84, Sherman signed for 39 million,..thirty nine million =100
    oct 6= 49,22,
    october 6th =49
    ten 6=45
    Andrew Luck was born in Washington DC
    good luck=88,34
    california=88, Luck was at Stanford
    one of the reasons Luck stepped down was for this game.
    i'm not sure how but it relates somehow.
    ....Stanford did use to have an indian mascot

    1. forty eight yard td=88

    2. ten six= 35
      Dwayne Haskins bday is 5/3
      he plays Pats on 10/6

  8. 6th banner now 6-0 vs Steelers at home scored 33pts (6)

    Getting Antonio brown is part of the Jewish state 19(48) ritual

    The Pats are setting up another 18-1 season

    Take a look at Brady’s completion % 65.8 or 811 😂

    1. Right now, I see the possibility, they lose to Redskins/Haskins at QB.on 6/10, Year of the black QB.

  9. Antonio Brown
    Banned helmet= 49,59

  10. Zach can you look into the number 19 & the Pats ? They could go 19-0, for the 20"19" season.. 19 years from their first Super Bowl

    1. They wont. Don't mean to be rude, but they wont. Their number is 15

  11. They showed that Geico Jerome Bettis commercial, at the end ,a guy yells= 49 nothin!! Jerome went to ND, like Montana, Bettis was on the Steelers ,Pennsylvania, where Montana came from. Bettis played on Rams= Montana's high school team.. 49 nothin!! = 49ers, Montana's team. Joe Montana =54

    1. Jaylon Smith number 54 for the Cowboys also went to Notre Dame

    2. Ok, context,.. he's not a Pennsylvania connected super bowl champion with a commercial that's yelling the number 49.

  12. Does Brees get injured before the game is over?

  13. ram29jacksonSeptember 8, 2019 at 9:59 PM
    this,should cover Denver game tomorrow as,well
    nope lol


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