Friday, October 11, 2019

25 52 81 118 1010 | Saddleridge Fire explodes, October 11, 2019, spreadinig to 4,700 acres +October 10, 2019 start date


Video of fire:

4.700 acres, eh?  What is 47?

Notice, this fire is exploding on October 11, the day leaving 81-days left in the year.

81 is the ritual number.

25 homes?

There are 25 mentions of fire in the KJV, in Revelation:

This fire began on October 10, or 10/10, like 1010.

Think about how Revelation is full of fire.... again, 25 mentions in the KJV.


Keep in mind Saddleridge sums to 52, the number of weather warfare.

It was 1952 that weather warfare was first admitted to, and it is the number that shows up around suspicious weather activity again and again.

North of the 118 Freeway?  Recall what happened last year on November 8, or 11/8, the burning of Paradise and Los Angeles, the city on the 118th Meridian West.


  1. And again it’ll all lead to nothing you fear mongering shill. You always act like these things lead up to something huge and then it’s nothing we go on for an entire year until next fire season

  2. Forty seven =49,149,50, 121.
    49ers were in SB 47 and hosted SB 50.

  3. A gas explosion tore off part of a Northeast Philadelphia home Thursday, leaving debris strewn on the ground *below.
    The incident around 12:45 p.m. took out a wall of a *twin home that is split into apartments along Pearson Avenue at Gillespie Street. So above so below Twins of Genimi twins,Twin cities of Minnesota, Vikings and Eagles game Sunday 10/13/19

  4. Zach, this happened on California Governor Gavin Newsom's 52nd birthday. "Gavin Newsom" = 52.


  5. "Saddleridge" = 229
    "Biggest Ever" = 229
    "Cattle" = 229

    "Biggest Fire Ever" = 1110 <<< Date?

    "Create Biggest Fire Ever" = 209
    "Top Secret Messages" = 209
    Four Weeks Symbol" = 209
    "Eight and Eleven" = 209
    "Saddle Ridge " = 209
    "Wicked Magic" = 209

    "Decode Riddle" = 88
    "Calendar Date" = 88
    "Saddleridge" = 88
    "California" = 88
    "Trump" = 88

    11 * 8 = 88 mph? November 8th? Election Anniversary

    1. I think Zachary K Hubbard started the big one on 8/11 talk to mock non Jewish gematria users. The real date is 11/8. I have tons more of convincing syncs that point to the big one on 11/8. (Way more than there was for 8/11) oh and guess what ? Mr . Greenblatt plz tell me this is a coincidence? In SATANIC
      “Zachary K Hubbard’s a Shill” = 999
      “San Francisco Earthquake” = 999
      “Cascadia Subduction Zone” = 999
      Plz respond if you see this Zach! Coincidence ?

    2. Zachary only cares about 1 thing. Money. It's disgusting what he's currently doing on YouTube. Running a complete scam. It's coming to an end soon. #KARMA

  6. Day after # 47 hit the grand slam against Los Angels with # 37 Strasbourg on the mound

  7. Hello, do you have anything on the scheduled pg&e power outage in California?


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