Monday, October 7, 2019

25 85 | Chinese businesses suspend ties with Houston Rockets, Octotber 7, 2019 news +Yao Ming

Let me think on this one.

Basketball = 85; Today leaves 85 days left in the year

This news comes 25-days after Yao Ming's 39th birthday.  Ming = 25 

Ming's birthday is September 12. 


  1. hey zach do you know if this is a bad sign for the rockets upcoming season or a good sign. The numbers for this story kinda confuse me a bit

    1. 10 + 7 + 20 + 19 = 56

      "A Chinese Tweet" = 56, 137 <<< 33rd Prime
      "Bet Rockets Win" = 56
      "Rockets Win" = 137

      "Hong Kong Tweet" = 164
      "Bet Rockets Win" = 164
      "A Winning Season" = 164
      "NBA Finals Symbol" = 164

  2. Hillary & Chelsea at Seattle university on 10/18

    Champions ballroom Friday 7-9pm

    118/811 code 👀
    Clinton Ferry

    Gutsy women=45 new book

    We know Trump loves attacking women
    Think the “ Squad=17”

    B-17 bomber crashed vintage plane

    Seattle university is close To Paul Allen’s vintage air plane museum

  3. In 98 Bill Clinton went down for a BJ !
    His wife from Chicago
    1989 BJ Armstrong selected by Chicago
    Round 1 pick 18 😂😂😂 118/811 tish bav code
    The black man shot in his apartment
    (B)othan (J)ean and his witness (J)oshua (B)rown
    Both Brothers dead
    BJ Armstrong went to “Brother Rice” High school 😂

    Last season (B)rady vs (J)arred in SB 53

    Brady played at Michigan BJ born in Michigan
    Brady 42
    BJ 52
    Both wore #10 ... Brady lost SB 42 & 52

    17-14 giants and 41-33 eagles
    #10 Eli and #9 Foles
    Chaos=19 were in 2019

    Eli lost job to (J)ones
    Foles injured in (J)acksonville

    JJ= Jerry Jones from ARKANSAS like Bill Clinton
    EF tornados in Arkansas 🤔

    The storm is coming ??? Political or physical?

  4. Trump loves to bring up “ McCarthy “
    Super Bowl 45

    Packers 31 Steelers 25

    Coach McCarthy was the winner
    Black couch Tomlin shamed along with rapist Big Ben

    Trump talks PA , steel , coal , flipped PA in 2016
    Trumps been accused of sexual assault
    And he’s tied to Big Ben stormy Daniels

    Time stamp 10:06
    Jones on last nights ref

  5. Seattle U
    RedHawks =89

  6. Hey Zach. Can you look into the temple vs ECU black out? Kinda similar to the Super Bowl 47 blackout with the team colors. Other than skull and bones symbolism The dates between 2/3/2013 and 10/3/2019 show Masonic numbers with 347 weeks, and 2433 days. Thank you.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Temple Owls - Lighting delay
    Rice Owls - Lightning delay

  8. Wilson sporting company 106 year anniversary

    In Chicago since 89 😂

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