Sunday, November 3, 2019

Larry Johnson (retired NFL player) briefly speaks on his love for those who do Gematria!

Watch this at the 43:20 mark:

Larry Johnson loves the people who do Gematria, very cool!


  1. Larry loves people who do Gematria but I am sure he hates people who use gematria to take advantage of others and then boast about how they are the best sports picker in all sports industry without any proof to back it up.

    1. I back it up every day, now go shut the fuck up. That's your calling.

    2. So you honestly believe in your head that the videos you make with wishy washy narratives, for both sides, no actually picks made verbally or in writing, with no betting slips to go with it, is proving you are the BEST IN THE SPORTS INDUSTRY?????????? you have a serious case of aspergers

    3. Lol, is that why you had McGregor to beat Khalib a while back? Your picks are garbage and you're a fraud, all you do is sit on the fence like a faggot Hubbard

    4. @Hubbard Literally EVERY response I find from you replying to another user is you telling whoever you're replying to to "shut the fuck up", sometimes while calling them a "bitch". LOL, even Alex Jones has more dignity than that. Hubbard, you're EXPOSED. I keep trying to tell you that nobody who's in the right would ever need to respond with such vulgarity. The only reason you do it all the time is because you have no good comeback.

    5. the guy is a fraudulent dumb jew.

    6. Zach, you have the talent and knowledge, but sometimes you are too full of yourself.
      You did not "pick" the Nats/Astros WS "before" the postseason, you only suggested it as the best bet after the Wild Card Game.
      It's why I don't follow you on Patreon for the time being.

  2. Great all we need is this religious nutjob Larry johnson joining the community. He loves the gematria people so much but he'll never tell them about all the games he's rigged. That's very cool? What happened to you?

    1. There's probably an NDA in his past NFL contracts that doesn't allow him to talk about rigged games.

    2. "Larry Johnson [Non-Disclosure Agreements]" = 444, 501
      "Four Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Three" = 444, 501

      ^^^^^^ 666th Prime ^^^^^^

      "CIA Black Operation" = 444
      "Agenda Titles Codes" = 444
      "Signal a Deception" = 444
      "Kill Circle" = 444
      "Fixed Game" = 444
      "Hollywood" = 444
      "Gematria" = 444

      "Larry Johnson" = 169
      "NFL Deception Codes" = 169
      "Deceptions by N.F.L." = 169
      "Expose a N.F.L. Riddle" = 169
      "N.F.L. Story Line" = 169
      "Agenda Story Line" = 169
      "Trump Tower" = 169
      "Fixed Game" = 169
      "American" = 169

      "Avoid Larry Johnson" = 85, 220
      "N.F.L. Points Tribute" = 911, 220
      "National Football League" = 85, 220
      "Agenda Mathematics" = 220
      "Alternate Goal" = 220 <<<< Illuminati Card Game

    3. "Larry Johnson" = 169
      "Staged Injury" = 169
      "Seattle Seahawks" = 169
      "NFC West Champion" = 169
      "NFC Playoff Loss" = 169

      "Saints - Seahawks" = 169 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
      "Patriots - Rams" = 169
      "Retires Early" = 169
      "Rams - Chiefs" = 169

      "Team from AFC West" = 168
      "Patriots Defeated" = 168
      "Chiefs - Patriots" = 168
      "Signal NFC South" = 168
      "Broncos - Saints" = 168
      "Kansas City Win" = 168

  3. Larry Johnson is Gay=33
    Gay marriage=33
    Gaymatria =33

  4. Your still not gonna get to fuck him you faggot

  5. Peter Gent said it was fake in the 70s, no one listened then either

  6. He would think you’re a POS though

    1. Nope, he would say good job for being the guy who said in august that the SB would be Niners-Pats.
      Let's see, there's some psychos or fake accounts here who talk smack about my picks... and yet no one here seemed to pick the Pats and Packers to lose today.. that means you don't know how to do this either, even though we know it's fake. You gave no system or knowledge superior to mine or anyone elses.
      You say haha you picked Redskins.. big deal.. they're a side dish to al my superior research on how Kaepernick relates to this years SB..but you won't go back to find that.
      Repeat= none of you picked pack or Pats to lose= none of you know shit.. you're just a negative peanut gallery.. Possible hired trolls.
      ...if this were 4 years ago and I still thought games were real. I would have picked mostly correct picks today. So it proves nothing.. I picked games today not as individuals, but as a full season narrative I think will happen. So, not so good. But guess what, Redskins don't have 10 losses yet and Dallas and Philadelphia are miles away from clinching anything. We'll see ,my little friends lol.

    2. Don't your pick the Patriots to lose every weekend though? And you pick the Redskins to win every weekend?

    3. Wtf are you talking about you always make this about you i think you are Zach

  7. Zach’s typical vulgar response because he has nothing

    1. Lol! But your name is F you?

    2. My name is unrelated. Zach uses vulgarity and insults to try to make a point when called out because he has no substance. This is simply a username. How about you get a name instead of anonymous so we can differentiate you from the other 30 with the same name.

  8. AnonymousNovember 3, 2019 at 8:58 PM

    Don't your pick the Patriots to lose every weekend though? And you pick the Redskins to win every weekend?
    Lop wut? Nope, how can I pick Pats to make SB but pick them to lose every week? I picked lose to cleveland, that was it.

    1. You pick Redskins every weekend to win and make playoffs when they clearly don't and are not. You're just backwards like that, that's how.

    2. Then make your own picks mr bojangles.


  9. Fuck youNovember 3, 2019 at 9:18 PM

    Wtf are you talking about you always make this about you i think you are Zach
    You make this,about me. Do I take pride in my SB pick? Damn right. I'm on team me,. I don't see anyone else who's made the Kaepernick connection. No one else brought up Kaepernick wearing a Dolphins cap on 4th of july. I'm proving to be better at this than I even realized. Lol

    1. I never said anything about your stupid picks unless you are zach. I guess you really are

    2. If it's not you then so be it. Judy too much negative ,childish anonymous comments going on. I don't think Zack would tell you publicly that niners make it but Saints dont

    3. I actually have a name unlike the 30 anonymous commenters

    4. Yeah lol we know. Fuck you

    5. Get a name stupid. You couldn’t even think of something basic like Fuck You. Maybe you’re scared to stand by your comments? Being named anonymous allows you to be different everyday and not have to stand by anything. Pussy

  10. I wonder if Larry Johnson used gematria to predict Seattle Mariniers to win the world series this year or the Washington Redskins to play the Patriots for Superbowl 53. Maybe he crunched the numbers and found out Lebron James will 3 peat before he retires due to Space Jam 2 coming out next summer.

  11. This thing may be scripted as well. I'm thinking Peter Gent was too anyway

  12. Replies
    1. Welp there goes the 49ers chances, the fucking jinx has spoken again. You are trash at predictions.


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