Wednesday, December 31, 2014

22 404 8888 | The Book of Revelation Numerology and the Three Plane Crashes of 2014

Revelation is of 404 verses, and 22 Chapters.
  • 404x22 = 8888
Recall that the sum of the three major plane crashes this year summed to 8888.  These crashes had much to do with Bible prophecy, from Genesis to Revelation.  Genesis is the first of the 39-Books making up the Old Testament, as referenced above.  Revelation is the last of the 27-Books of the New Testament.

The signs are becoming more clear.

Let us also examine the site of the Super Bowl, and how it corresponds with Revelation.

The Book of Revelation is of 22 Chapters.  Perhaps this is just a coincidence, or perhaps not.
  • Site of Super Bowl 49 
  • Revelation = 9+5+4+5+3+1+2+9+6+5 = 49

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