Wednesday, December 31, 2014

'Soul Destroying' Headlines

These people who carry out these hoaxes are real assholes.
  • Soul = 19+15+21+12 = 67
  • Destroying = 4+5+19+20+18+15+25+9+14+7 = 136
  • Soul Destroying = 203
  • Soul = 1+6+3+3 = 13
  • Destroying = 4+5+1+2+9+6+7+9+5+7 = 55
  • Soul Destroying = 68
If you haven't seen the footage, the mainstream media has given us images of a rescue of a blowup doll, and some floating orange life preservers thus far.  Truly... soul destroying.  You know what is soul destroying?  Living in a world of lies that grow each day.


  1. I'm thinking that all the fear mongering plane crash stories we've seen this year might be connected to President Raygun's firing of 11000 striking air traffic controllers on August 5 1981.

    33 years ago.

  2. From what I've read that was the death blow to unions and workers rights.
    As I've grown up in the post Reagan work world tho I don't remember anytime that workers haven't been treated like crap unfortunately

  3. What a brilliant observation, I think we have a winner. Thank you Cassidy.


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