Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 1 of NFL Playoffs Will Match Playoffs From 44-Years Earlier (Lions/Cowboys and Colts/Bengals)

1970-1971 NFL Playoffs (Super Bowl 5) ... 44-years earlier
The 2014-15 NFL Regular Season is over.

Green Bay and their farm team, the Seahawks, wrapped up the top two spots in the NFC.  In the AFC, the all-Illuminati quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, secured the top two spots. With the way the seeding finished, we will see a repeat of the playoffs from 44-years earlier in the match ups between Colts and Bengals, as well as Lions and Cowboys.  This is curious because it was the winners of these match ups who made the Super Bowl that same season.  It is also curious because this is what I was looking at when I predicted this year's Super Bowl outcome after the Week 3 games of September 21, 2014.


  1. The SeaChickens are Green Bay's farm team. I love it!

  2. Recall it was the Packers who passed on Marshawn Lynch when they had waiver priority, allowing him to slip into the Seahawks pocket.

  3. This is crazy. I thought the Lions would win today for the easier path to the superbowl but I guess they dont need it to be easy when the fix is in. Plus it only makes Vegas more money if people are doubting the Lions.

  4. This is all true Michael, the Lions do have a very difficult path, it will be @DAL then @SEA. Seattle has never lost at home in the playoffs. What is interesting is that Richard Sherman went by the nickname Optimus Prime his rookie season. How will Optimus do versus Megatron?

    1. That is interesting. Optimus Prime was the leader of the "good" alien robots and Megatron was the "bad" alien robot if my 1980s memory is correct. The programming of today is to call bad good so that could be a plus for Megatron if you follow what I am saying.
      To me if it truly is scripted for a given team such as the Lions to make it to the superbowl then I think it will play out that way and how much better for the gambling houses if the Lions are not expected to win on the road. From the commentary I have seen lately the Cowboys appeared to have been exalted for the Colts game when they just won by a big number. The black man with glasses on espn....his name escapes me... but he was wearing cowboys shirt and hat while the old white guy went on for many minutes about how the cowboys were awesome. It looked so WWE I was even surprised. Why did that happen? I think probably to get people to think the Cowboys are going to the Superbowl. So on the contrary the Cowboys probably will lose to the Lions. Vegas will be able to have better odds in the spread because of the programming coming out of the dummy box and into the retarded brains of the brainwashed majority. The whole NFL system together works so well for those that are manipulating it all. This kind of blows my mind as I have recently stepped back and looked into this. Funny thing is as a kid I was a big Cowboy fan. I would watch football downstairs and pretend like I was playing also with a football in hand and kicking imaginary field goals with an empty 2 liter plastic container winning pretend games at the last second. I really loved football back then. I hate what I now know it is and always has been and that is a distraction and money making control tool.

    2. Good breakdown Michael, seems we were much alike as kids!


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