Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lions at Cowboys Commercial Break Curiosities from January 4, 2015 (Week 1 of NFL Playoffs '15)

When the score was 20-7, Lions over Cowboys, early in the third quarter, the game went to a commercial break.  The final commercial before returning to the game was the Dodge Brothers Commercial, advertising the new Charger and showing the Star of David as clear as day.  Where it got strange, is when returning to the game from the commercials, the camera showed the sun setting over Texas, well known as the "Lone Star State", but instead of looking like the Sun, the Sun looked like a Star, arguably even the Star of David.  Look at the images and see for yourself.
  • Star = 19+20+1+18 = 58
  • of = 15+6 = 21
  • David = 4+1+22+9+4 = 40
  • Star of David = 119


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  2. Those words on the screen equal the same.
    Wild Card Fox=119/56.
    All-Seeing Eye=119/56.
    I just realized the original date the American Professional Football Association(alot of important number combos coded in there: 145993157966511965136662213311163912965=169.)was founded 8.20.1920 sums to 23 just like 9.11.2001, & the headquarters are in Manhattan. Then the name changes to National Football League in '23. There's 32 teams.
    The words at the top corner of the screen,
    FOX NFL=32.
    Detroit Lions=62.
    Rhymes with
    Rejoice Zion=66.
    As you know, '66 was the first Superb Owl.
    As for the Dodge Brothers ad,
    DB Charger=66.
    D B = 4 2.
    DB Cooper=42.
    DB Charger=48.
    Dodge Brothers Charger=119.
    They're trying to say something...

  3. Thanks Rup, will you clarify the date numerology with 8/20/20 and 9/11/01.
    8/20/20 = 48 which made me think of Super Bowl 48, the first two be hosted by two states, the third and the eleventh... New Jersey and New York. Of course the Governors of New Jersey is hanging with Jerry Jones this year in the playoffs...

  4. 8+2+0+1+9+2+0=22
    Yeah I was off.
    I was thinking 9+11=20, then 2+1=3.
    I'm sure dates Can be decoded that way but this was my mistake. The American Professional Football Association has 22 in it though haha along with 111, 33, 119, 116, 666, 311, etc.

  5. You're awesome at this Rup, have you taught anybody else that you know?

  6. I've "taught" one of my friends, my little brother, & my mom & older sister haha. My mom was alot more open to it than I thought she'd be but none of them really do alot of digging themselves. Don't get the opportunity to bring it up with many people though.

  7. Yea, it isn't exactly an ice breaker. =) That's cool you have showed your family though.


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