Monday, August 31, 2015

45 96 | Obama Returns Name to Denalia, from McKinley

Notice the mountain was renamed in '96, an important number to the Freemasons.

William McKinley was a Freemason himself.

The name Denali has something in common with Alaska.

Mt. McKinley = 4+2+4+3+2+9+5+3+5+7 = 44
Obama is the 44th President

The mountain was named Mt. McKinley for 40-years.  This has significance to Obama, through his name Gematria, and his birthday, which is August 4.

The death of Lincoln is often blamed on the Jesuits.  Lincoln died 4/15/1865.

4/15/65 = 4+15+65 = 84
Jesuit = 84
Obama = 84
Obama is from the land of Lincoln

See what else "Denali" has in common with death.


  1. McKinley was also assassinated in September

    1. Yes, I was thinking about that. Denali = 79 in Jewish Gematria, the number connected to murder...


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