Thursday, March 31, 2016

79 | Dar Contribution! More evidence of a 5 round fight for McGregor vs Diaz rematch, July 9, 2016

Remember, Conor McGregor's fight comes 5-days before his birthday, and it will be his 23 third fight, a number with '5' numerology (23 = 2+3 = 5).  In other words, the probability of a fifth round fight is very high.  Above, Dar found out the following!

I'm very much looking forward to the 'Arm-Triangle Choke' on July 9, or 7/9.

Arm = 1+9+4 = 14
Triangle = 2+9+9+1+5+7+3+5 = 41
Choke = 3+8+6+2+5 = 24
Arm Triangle Choke = 79  (Conor McGregor = 79) (Mixed Martial Arts = 79)

With regards to his first fight being April 6, let us not forget that is the 96th day of the year.

Freemason = 6+18+5+5+13+1+19+15+14 = 96


  1. 'Conor The Notorious McGregor' = 330.
    As ya said in ya vid, the fight was announced on March 30th or 3/30. ( 330 )
    'Arm Triangle Choke' = 160 in simple.
    The phrase on McGregors forehead, 'I hold every record in the game' = 160.
    Would be blatant as hell if they went with it :)

    To win, using the same submission move McGregor last tapped out to ... finishing a Caesar Gracie black belt by submission, and avenge his loss to Diaz at same time. Submitting Diaz would blow the McGregor & MMA fans away. Diaz hasn't lost by submission in about 8 or 10 years.

    All the best man, Dar!

    1. Zach (and whoever else)

      Have you seen this interview that Conor McGregor did 10 days before the Diaz fight on ESPN??

      I noticed when it first came out......

      But check it out....

      The interview is 3:33 in length.

      But watch Conor closely..... He clearly throws up the "Pyramid" hand signal 2 times during the interview.

      I just re watched this and realized that right at 1:30 he makes the hand signal.....

      and again right at the 2:00 MARK! (UFC 200?)

      Just watch him... he is clearly paying attention to a clock or timer off screen......
      Deliberately at those times in the interview...

      I've seen this happen many times in the shooting hoaxes! and with the victims families.....

      Watch it a few times..... it's so obvious!

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  2. Watched the video in parts, it was stuck at 33 likes and 1 dislike for atleast the 45 mins between watching.

  3. Hey Zachary you should dig in on European soccer and how the games are fixed. If you don't have your hand full already. If you are, expose the Champions League competition and giant clubs. I would really appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

    1. Tryin to a head on the Euro's ... Loads of dodgey stuff going on every European league ... It's only ever the Italians that are hung out for some reason :) . I did one vid on Leicester City & Jamie Vardy's 9/11 record if interested. All the best man, Dar!

    2. feck forgot the link :D

    3. Love the video bro, keep it up

    4. Do you have a prediction on who will win the Champions League?

  4. I posted this on the other thread. I am bringing it back up because of the significance of the record of Diaz should he lose.

    153 is the 17th triangle number
    Triangle is a submission move in UFC
    "triangle choke" in the English Reduction system equals 65
    "triangle choke submission" in the English Reduction system equals 106
    Prophecy equals 106

    The last triangle choke submission I found was on Feb 21, 2016
    The guy used the moved, Donald Cerrone on Alex Oliveira

    "donald cerrone" in the English Reduction system equals 65
    Cerrone was "skipped over" to fight McGregor

    The date between that fight and McGregor vs Diaz 2 is a span of 139 days, the 34th prime number

    139 is interesting because McGregor is 19-3 or 193 which is the 44th prime number
    If he wins he will have a record of 20-3
    "houston rockets" in the English Ordinal system equals 203

    Also, if Diaz loses his record will be 19-11 or 1911 or 1 911.
    1911 is interesting because it is a handgun. Maybe will be coded in future hoax or the weapon takes down Donald or Obama

    1. As was mention 1911 is a pistol (hand gun). It is manufactured in Springfield, Illinois
      Springfield = 65, 119, 380 or 38
      Springfield Illinois = 110 like president
      And we know who the current president is and where he is from
      The caliber of a 1911 is .45 acp
      45 is the reflection of 54 like Obama's age

      "springfield" in the English Sumerian system equals 714 like Connors birthday 7/14
      His 23rd fight takes place 5 days before birthday maybe 5/23 tribute?

    2. "forty five acp" in the English Reduction system equals 65

    3. correction: Springfield is the manufacturer not where the gun is made. It is actually made in Geneseo, Illinois.

      Geneseo = 232 which is interesting as well.

      Geneseo, illinois in the English Reduction system equals 79 which is a nice tie to Connor.

      "Geneseo, illinois" in the English Ordinal system equals 169

    4. In the year 1911, The Lincoln Memorial Commission was established to find an ideal site for the proposed Lincoln Memorial

      International Women's Day was celebrated for the first time in history

      Mexican Revolution: Porfirio Díaz is convinced to resign (interesting Diaz reference)

      Jack Ruby was born ha

  5. You're amazing Zach! In all honesty to grab more viewers and potential truth seekers you might want to think about shortening your videos as much as possible. I know there is a lot to cover but sheep tend to get turned off when they see a 25 min long video! Thanks for your work

    1. You can only help those who want to be helped. If anything, longer videos, more talk of prime numbers, the more info the better. The day I learned this skill was one of the most important days of my life.

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    3. Yep, David is correct, Sheep = Short Attention Span...


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