Saturday, March 26, 2016

42 85 | LeBron James, 42nd Triple Double, March 26, 2016, the 85th day of the year

LeBron James's 42nd triple double?  I just wrote about how LeBron recorded his last two triple doubles 42-days apart.

LeBron = 3+5+2+9+6+5 = 30
James = 1+1+4+5+1 = 12/21
LeBron James = 42/51

His 42nd triple double came in 'NYC'.

NYC = 14+25+3 = 42

This triple double accomplishment comes on the 85th day of the year.

Basketball = 2+1+19+11+5+20+2+1+12+12 = 85

Update:  LeBron would win the NBA Finals 85-days after this triple double on the 85th day.


  1. Zach will you do the honors?

  2. Have you heard LeBron wants to team up with his super friends Carmelo,Wade and Cp3 any chance that happens if Cleveland wins the title this year.

    1. its possible but its not gonna happen this after this season cp3 has one more year plus melo has a no trade clause in they would need to find a team with cap space.

      the knicks have space for wade in lebron after this season i could see lebron in wade to the knicks but would they win ?

      in what about kd lebron wants to play with him to i cant wait until july

      one thing for sure lebron is leaving cleveland rather he win or lose
      lets be honest lebron with the cavs is boring lebron with the heat knicks lakers is much more exciting

    2. I think lebron really cares about his legacy and leaving cleveland again would tarnish it. at this point i think he is bored and the nba probably guranteed him a champiinship so he is just day dreaming kind of

    3. What I could see happening is Lebron Getting the Cavs a title and leaving. That is the goal anyway very interesting

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