Tuesday, March 29, 2016

59 | Eddie Johnson, Chicago's top Negro Cop

Eddie = 5+4+4+9+5 = 27
Johnson = 1+6+8+5+1+6+5 = 32/41
Eddie Johnson = 59/68

Eddie = 5+4+4+9+5 = 27
Johnson = 10+15+8+14+19+15+14 = 95
Eddie Johnson = 122


Black Cops, I don't know if there is anything worse.  Let me sum up my point by linking this video.  Think about how fucking stupid you have to be as a black man, to become a cop.  We're talking about signing yourself up to uphold the laws that enslave many poor black americans throughout this nation and elsewhere....  again, I don't know if there is anything worse.  Just listen to this stupid motherfucker linked below.  I hope to God Donald Trump paid for this YouTube advertisement.


  1. Carl Winslow anybody?

    The man who played Carl Winslow is Reginald Vel Johnson. Reggie Vel Johnson? Eddie Johnson? Haha. Carl's son in the show was 'Eddie'.

  2. Lmao. Caaarrrrrlll

    Family matters takes place in chicago, great catch lol. Since I found this site, just about nothing else entertains me


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