Friday, April 1, 2016

33 42 59 64 68 96 139 | CNN projecting unprecedented violence for Chicago, Summer of 2016

Freemasonry, coded two times.... We know Chicago is the Masonic-Zionist Mecca.

Massive = 4+1+1+1+9+4+5 = 25/43
spike = 1+7+9+2+5 = 24/33/42
in = 9+5 = 14
violence = 4+9+6+3+5+5+3+5 = 40
Massive spike in violence = 103/112/130/139 (Freemasonry = 139)

Better = 2+5+2+2+5+9 = 25
brace = 2+9+1+3+5 = 20
for = 6+6+9 = 21
a = 1
long = 3+6+5+7 = 21
hot = 8+6+2 = 16
summer = 1+3+4+4+5+9 = 26/35
Better brace for a long summer = 130/139

It should be noted that the Summer of Sam was in 1977, 39-years ago.

Betty Johnson?  '68?  Here's another bullshit story that is all masonic code.

Betty = 2+5+2+2+7 = 18
Johnson = 1+6+8+5+1+6+5 = 32/41
Betty Johnson = 50/59 (Negro = 59, Slave = 59, Blues = 59)

Betty = 2+5+20+20+25 = 72 (Long, Hot Summer = 72)
Johnson = 10+15+8+14+19+15+14 = 95
Betty Johnson = 167

The reference to '68 brings back the MLK Jr. and RFK assassinations, it also ties to 'Barack Obama' who has connections to Chicago as we well know.

Barack = 2+1+18+1+3+11 = 36
Obama = 15+2+1+13+1 = 32
Barack Obama = 68

Let us not overlook the death mentioned in 2008 of 'Sabrina', the year Obama gave his acceptance speech for President in Chicago.  Also, the custody she gained of 'Andre Taylor'.

Notice the age he died at, 'sixteen', and he was killed by a 'gun', after getting 'shot in the head'.

Shot in the head has interesting gematria.

Let us not forget that 'Rahm Israel Emanuel' is the Mayor of Chicago, born on the same date the Zionist State of Israel was recognized by the United Nations, November 29.

We better brace for a long hot summer = 149
Skull and Bones = 149

Michael Gabb?  Who the fuck are they kidding?  Gabb means "talk".

Michael = 4+9+3+8+1+5+3 = 33
Gabb = 7+1+2+2 = 12
Michaell Gabb = 45 (Illinois = 45)

Michael = 13+9+3+8+1+5+12 = 51
Gabb = 7+1+2+2 = 12
Michael Gabb = 63 (Long Hot Summer = 63)

26-years, of course.

Of course the Masons and Zionists keep jobs out of certain areas to purposefully keep them impoverished and full of crime so that those communities can generate bodies for the prison industrial complex.

Gangbangers = 7+1+5+7+2+1+5+7+5+9+1 = 50/59
Gangbangers = 7+1+14+7+2+1+14+7+5+18+19 = 95

The senseless use of numbers in mainstream reporting is how I figured out gematria in the first place. 45 miles from Chicago's South Side?  What's it matter?

Illinois = 9+3+3+9+5+6+9+1 = 45

This paragraph has some truth in it.  We're all products of our environment.

This article implies it is bad, and it is going to get worse.  What it leaves out, is that it is all by Masonic design.  Never forget, they're the invisible architects, who are highly transparent when you know how to decode their codings.


  1. The Summer Chicago Burned---232, 960(J)

  2. "Twenty sixteen Summer of death " in the English Reduction system equals 117
    "Twenty sixteen Summer of death " in the English Sumerian system equals 2106

  3. Lol Big L always used to rep 139 and Lennox

    1. " obama shot in the head twenty sixteen" in the English Reduction system equals 137 - 33rd prime

    2. " obama shot in head by nineteen eleven" in the English Ordinal system equals 311

      Could be the KKK that takes him down ha

    3. One more

      " obama shot in head by a forty five nineteen eleven pistol" in the English Reduction system equals 223

    4. Good heads up about 139 and Lennox.
      Lennox = 84

    5. I trip out on Big L (Lamont Coleman) for years even before the numbers even harder..

  4. Well I'd say it's pretty obvious how Obamas gonna die now. Shot in the head. That's crazy that the phrase "shot in the head" has the exact same gematria as "Barack Hussein Obama" obviously a contrived name as you've pointed out. It's like he was given this name and put into office to serve as a black figurehead.. They've been planning to sacrifice him at the end of his term all along. He was put in there to be a symbol that the hope to start a race war with. He'll killed at the way end of his term by I predict a "Southern Racist" that has reduction gematria of you guessed it... 64.

    1. Southern Racist who flirted with joining ISIS!

    2. Did you watch the Obama interview before the Superbowl? When the interviewer brought up that his term was almost up the Obamas looked real sad. Like they knew something would happen.

    3. Would be extra juicy is the perpetrator is from Houston!

    4. Yup that way you cover the race war and holy war at once. And I don't think Obama knows about his to be killing. I think the clintons and bushes know about it however. Perhaps Obama subconsciously has a hunch

    5. Southern Radical---691(J), 168, 1008

    6. Oh, I think Obama knows what script he signed up for.

    7. Why would he or anyone sign up to be murdered though? To be immortalized in the history books as some symbol?

  5. It's something about those Midwest states Michigan Illinois Missouri that the Mason's seem to love if u notice that's where alot of rituals killings seem to take place

    In I see a lot of ppl on here keep mentioning obam being killed if he does get killed what would be the point ?


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