Tuesday, January 10, 2017

99 | Clemson's record 99-plays in the 2017 CFB Championship & Hunter Renfrow's winning catch

Renfrow, #13, caught the winning touchdown on the 99th play of the game for Clemson.

Notice Alabama ran 66-plays, and the game finished with 66-points.

Alabama 31 - Clemson = 35

Alabama = 13/31
Clemson won championship for first time in 35-years

Also, Crimson Tide sums to 57 and 66.  I see a mention of 5.7.

Crimson Tide = 57/66; Thirteen = 45/99

I love the detail about 84-plays.  Have you read the quote from 1984 about beer, football and gambling?  It was all it took to fill up the horizons of their mind...

United States of America = 84