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41 68 | Game 5 World Series preview, CLE @ CHI, October 30, 2016, T. Bauer vs J. Lester (Discussion Thread)

54 degrees again, today?  Baseball = 54

Apparently, the odds are way in the Cubs favor for Game 5.

Game Five = 41/68 (41, the 13th prime) (Indians trying to break 68-year curse)

10/30/2016 = 10+30+20+16 = 76 (Cleveland Indians = 67/76)
10/30/2016 = 10+30+(2+0+1+6) = 49
10/30/2016 = 1+0+3+0+2+0+1+6 = 13 (Game Five = 41, 41 the 13th prime)
10/13/16 = 10+30+16 = 56

For the Indians, #47 is on the mound, Bauer, who pitched in the only game the Cubs have won so far.  For the Cubs, Arrieta was pitching that game, today it is Lester.

Bauer = 20/47 (Wears #47) (Agent = 47)
Trevor Bauer = 55/145 (Chicago Cubs = 46/55)
Trevor Andrew Bauer = 84/210 (Sunday = 84) (Jesuit = 84) (United States of America = 84)

His birth numerology synchs with Ohio, the state the Indians play in.

1/17/1991 = 1+17+19+91 = 128
1/17/1991 = 1+17+(1+9+9+1) = 38 (Murphy)
1/17/1991 = 1+1+7+1+9+9+1 = 29 (Ohio)
1/17/91 = 1+17+91 = 109 (109, 29th prime number)
1/17 = 1+17 = 18 (Baseball)

This game comes 41-weeks after Bauer's 25th birthday.  Game Five = 41

This game comes 11-weeks and 2-days before his upcoming 26th birthday.  112th World Series

Here are Bauer's postseason stats:

The opposing pitcher is Jon Lester, born January 7, or 7/1.  Last game he recorded 17 outs and was pulled.  Again, 71 is a big number on the series.

Jon Lester = 37/46/118 (Chicago = 37/46)
Jonathan Lester = 54/63/162 (Baseball = 54) (Major League Baseball = 162)
Jonathan Tyler Lester = 80/89/242

1/7/1984 = 1+7+19+84 = 111
1/7/1984 = 1+7+1+9+8+4 = 30
1/7/84 = 1+7+84 = 92
1/7 = 1+7 = 8

From his 32nd birthday to today's game is 297-days.

To his upcoming 33rd birthday, is 69-days.

Here are Lester's postseason stats:

Notice Lester is currently 2-3 with the Cubs in the postseason.  A win would make him 3-3.

IF the Indians close out the Series today, they will win 4-1, something like '41', corresponding with 'Game Five' in gematria.  Last year, the World Series ended in Game 5 as well.  Further, recall, if the Indians win, they'll be part of history in the sense that Cleveland would be the first city to win two pro sports championships in the same year since 2002, 14-years ago.  Last night Lackey pitched for the Cubs, who also pitched for the Angels team to win 14-years ago, along with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Fourteen = 41/104

Notice how if they win the Series 4-1, that corresponds with '14'.

That said, I still think there is a strong narrative for a Game 7.  From the start of the season, April 3, 2016, until today, is 208-days.  From the start of the season, up until what would be Game 7, November 2, 2016, is 213-days.  '213' is the number with the Masonic connections, and also a number connected to the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball championship, earlier this year, June 19, 2016.

From the date the Cavs won the championship, June 19, 2016, until today, is 133-days.  Cleveland = 33

From the Cavs Championship to Game 7, is a total span of 137-days, the 33rd prime number.


  1. I think the series going 3-3 and the final game being played on 11/2 for 112th World Series is still a stronger narrative as well. Also:

    Indians = 34
    Losers = 34
    Indians lose 3-4 on 11/2

    But it could certainly go either way with strong narratives on both sides.

  2. Replies
    1. Cubs will win Vegas will lose millions even billions and then the dollar will crash

  3. Went big on Indians before game 1 and right after game 2 when they lost and odds were at +200. Anyone still thinks cubs are going to win the series. Odds are at +325 for cubs. Good luck

    1. The odds on the Cubs were better between Game 2 and Game 3, when the series was tied 1-1.

      +415 Cubs to win 4-3

      So, these are odds are not really very good after 2 straight losses in Chicago.

      I put a nice size bet (for me) on the Cubs to win in 7.

      If the Cubs lose, I'll be crying in my soup.

    2. Well u lost. Vegas is not losing billions on cubs

    3. When the Cavs were down 3-1. The line was +1300. So +330 isn't a great payout considering they have to win the next 3, with 2 in Cleveland.

    4. I agree Ethan, not worth it...I have no idea whos winning this series, and if u dont, dont bet it...+350 is not worth it with 3 games, terrible number. their are always other games to bet

    5. Cavs were about the same +320
      When they went down 3-1

  4. "Greatest day in Cleveland history" = 133

  5. Cubs +330 to win series down 3-1? Wtf that smells fishy...

  6. They started out at -270 now they +320 thats almost s 500 differential. Lets not forget, vegas had them at early heavy favorites. And all the sheep bet cubs anyway. Now the sheep will go even harder at cubs

    1. Differential doesn't matter. They need to win 3 straight games. Doesn't take a genius to figure out that those odds are set too low. It tells me Cubs win game 5.

  7. Series should be over in 6 for the simple fact they have the TV show empire coming back on fox 11/2 9pm eastern/ 8 pm Central

  8. Chicago=81 Jewish gematria;
    Lester (#34) + Bauer (#47)=81
    Eighty one=108 O (ws drought) 54 R (baseball=54)

  9. It is all being set-up for the Cubs to win in 7 in Cleveland against the pitcher they can't hit well or score against, Kluber, who will pitch and lose game 7.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Indians two WS wins came in 1920 and 1948;

      20+48=68 Like the current drought for them.

      Also their retired numbers are 3,5,14,18,19,21,42,455;

      3+5+14+18+19+21+42+455=577, 577 is the 106th prime (prophecy) 106 is like '16.

      Indians World Series appearance years:
      20+48+54+95+97+16=330 (33)

      Truly is a narrative for each team.

  11. Looks like Cleveland is title town just like when MJ played in Chicago and Brady in NE.
    Francona coached MJ in baseball.
    Francona was responsible for the redsox championships
    He's also involved in the two bloody games with Bauer and schilling
    Francona was on the winning end of being down 3-1 to Yankees , could history reverse?

  12. Hey Zach I will add that "inversion" is a genuine concept in these situations.

    Ever seen that ad about the story of some party invite that was given as a mirror reflection? Same thing applies.

  13. Terry Francona(Indians Manager) is 11-1 in world series games

  14. The public is all over the spread. I think the cubs win tonight but by one run. My guess would be 5-4

  15. Francona can win tonight and finish 12-1 in the World Series. Revelation = 121 or Francona can lose 3 straight and be 11-4 (114), Cubs would end their season with 114 wins.

    Game "5", Francona can be the "5th" manager to win a world series with multiple teams, last time it happen was "5" years ago. Larussa won with A's in 89 and Cards 06, 11.

  16. This series can go 7 games as pointed out with the date 112 connections. If the Indians do win in game 7, Francona would be 12-3 in the WS, Conspiracy = 123

    Why else would he pull Kluber out so early...

  17. Trevor Bauer is pitching tonight its been 41 weeks since his last Birthday giving the Indians a 4-1 series win. Its also 11 weeks and 2 days till his next birthday synching nicely with this 112th world series. Cleveland in 5

  18. Last time there were ties in consecutive NFL weeks was 1997. Cleveland Indians lost in seven games to the Florida Marlins in 1997.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The two teams alternated wins in the 1997 World Series

      I still think the two ties are significant, however. In 1997, the Indians and Marlins went into extra innings in Game 7 of the World Series, which was the last time the deciding game went past 9 innings. Maybe it will happen again this year.

  20. Florida Marlins Jose Fernandez sacrifice for Indians WS win. Did anyone die from Cubs or Cleveland this year?

  21. You can grab Cubs for this game at -120 now. If they don't do anything this inning it'll drop.

  22. 1-1 score cubs in tribute to 11 players in fball & twin towers

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. #11 @3rd drops balll helps fake 4cubs

  25. Both teams have a total of 4 runs combined in the 4th inning. =44 again. Bill Murray and Jim Harbaugh at the game

  26. 31 (3-1 cubs score) is the 11th prime number in 4th inning is fitting.

  27. Comedian Vince Vaughn is also at the game.

  28. FYI.

    Nuveen is an operating division of TIAA Global Asset Management.
    333 W. Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606

    Gematria Jewish 990
    Gematria Reduction 27
    Gematria Summerian 486
    Gematria Ordinal 81
    Gematria English 810

    Left Field
    Gematria Jewish 175
    Gematria Reduction 43
    Gematria Summerian 474
    Gematria Ordinal 79
    Gematria English 295

    1. I never heard of the company although they have been in Chicago for 118 years. They deal with big money and I make small coin so I shouldn't be surprised.

    2. Nice catch Cheryl, not sure why I never thought to look into that. Their sign only takes up half the entire outfield! 333, 666, 99, 27, 81...good grief.

  29. Fan was holding a sign that said "History Starts Now"

    History Starts Now = 74

  30. Lol 3-2 final. 3-2 series lead for Cleveland. Can they get anymore obvious?

  31. #32 just sacked Wentz a few minutes ago too lol.

  32. Cubs in 7 games still looks good to me. Why bother with all the 108 coding if they're not going to win this year? Plus Cubs are Clinton's team, and she's going to win so yeah.

    1. I dont think so. Way too much money on cubs. Over on tues

    2. They didn't seem to care when The Cavs were down 3-1, and there were tons of people who threw cash on them.

    3. Lenny, remember, next year will be 108 seasons for the Cubs.

    4. @legionary everyone bet gs not cavs. You let ur emotions play into this. Its rigged bro

    5. I agree, I said it before, Clinton could win a close race then found guilty. Keep the unrest going.
      Trumps hotel in DC is a sign he's not going away quietly.

  33. Indians have given up 25 runs that's an MLB record low.

  34. Like cubs to win game six. Tues. has a numerology life line of 21. Arrieta would become 2-1 with a win while Tomlin would become 2-1 with a loss. Joshua Aubry Tomlin in english reduction equals 71. With loss in game six Indians would have 71 losses on the year. Francona sums to 72 just like joe maddon sums to 72. I see a strong narrative for cubs winning in seven. Would be nice to see some of these trolls on here eat shit when cubs take it in 7!!!

  35. Also cubs get 113 wins Tues. tomlin has a birth numerology of 113. Take the cubs!

  36. Hope I'm wrong but Cubs are 2-14 in WS.
    They are currently 1-1 45 years since last Cubs victory in a WS.

    Indians are 2-1 this could complete 2-2 or master 22. Coming into WS Indians gave up 22 runs to the three best offensive teams
    It's been 21 years since they lost to Braves.

    2-2 would break the curse H-A record this series.

    Clinton looking guilty is also another sign
    Cavs parade was Jun 21 Tuesday!
    Game 6 Tuesday. 2-1 again one more victory

  37. UNCENSORED at World Series Game 5 LIVE

    "Hillary For Prison" in the English Reduction system equals 98 (8+9+3+3+1+9+7+0+6+6+9+0+7+9+9+1+6+5), which reduces to 17, which reduces to 8

    "Hillary For Prison" in the English Gematria system equals 1403 (8+9+30+30+1+90+700+0+6+60+90+0+70+90+9+100+60+50), which reduces to 8


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