Tuesday, October 25, 2016

213 | NBA Season Opener, New York Knicks at Cleveland Cavaliers, October 25, 2016 +LeBron's 43rd career triple double

Recall, LeBron recorded his 42nd Triple Double in the regular season, March 26, 2016, over the Knicks.  Read about that here:

From that Triple Double, until this Triple Double to open the 2016-17 season, is 213-days later.

Recall, '213' is a number stamped on the deaths of many young black men, and during the time of the NBA Finals, a lot of people died in relation to the Finals, including his father, Nate Thurmond, who died 27-days after, at age 74, just like Muhammad Ali, who died at age 74, after Game One of the 2016 NBA Finals.

Madison Square Garden = 88; Trump = 88
Ohio = 117 (Jewish Gematria) (Toronto = 117)

Notice there were 46 points scored in the first quarter.  The Cavs are 46-years old and beginning their 47th season.  The KJV, has the Psalm 46 Tribute.

Notice in the second quarter, 47 points were scored.  Ohio = 47; 47th season for Cavs

Second = 33; Cleveland = 33; NBA Finals = 33

In the third quarter, 53 points were scored.

King James = 35/44/53

Then in the 4th Quarter, 59-points... Notice the Cavs scored 35 of them.

10/25 = 10+25 = 35 (King James = 35) (35 points in the 3rd Quarter)

As for winning by 29-points, Ohio = 29/47


Notice LeBron recorded a 'Triple Double'.

The game came 66-days before LeBron's birthday.

It was also a span of 67-days, connecting to the opponent, and the date.

Today leaves 67-days left in the year.

For LeBron's career, this was his 43rd triple double.  Champion = 43


  1. (Spurs/Warriors scored 229 points

    Dwayne wade = "226"

    Chicago Bulls =112
    Andrew Luck=112

    Dwayne Wade=105 (51) like super bowl 51
    Spurs scored = 129 points
    (Andrew Lucks Birthday is on 9/12

    The commentators during the Warriors/Spurs games kept bringing the Bulls and how the Warriors beat their record last year.


    Knicks scored =88 points
    California=88 (Warriors state)

    Cavaliers scored 117 points
    Dwayne Wade's birthday is 117 (January 17)

    Lol amazing.

    1. Dwayne Wade Initials

      DW= 27/162/904

      "27" Andrew Luck 27 years old
      "162" Reshuffle to Lucks Birthday 9/12
      904 (46)=Chicago

    2. Golden State = 50
      San Antonio = 50
      229, is the 50th prime

  2. juan gabriel died 17 days after his last album. born 1/7. from his death to 11/2 end of world series 66 days. a lot of juan gabriel programs on spanish TV

  3. I don't understand the 88 codings. 88 wasn't an event on 10/4. What is 88?

  4. Do yall realize that the knicks in warriors both lost by 29?

  5. Do yall realize that the knicks in warriors both lost by 29?

  6. We should take a look at the 1992 season where Bulls and Cavaliers faced each other in the 1992 Eastern Conference finals. Where Bulls defeated the Cavs

    1. That is a good thought. Make sure when you talk hoops, you say both years. That was the '91-'92 season.

  7. Jordan the shot on "EHLO" the Bulls win the Bulls win .......


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