Saturday, October 29, 2016

113 223 | Not all Standing Rock Sioux opposed to Dakota Access Pipeline, October 29, 2016 news

Mainstream = 113; Dishonest = 113; Protest = 113

Masonic = 223; The Synagogue of Satan = 223

This pipeline protest is a manufactured event.  Go figure.  That isn't to say it isn't just.  It is just to say, that it is another event that has been contrived, for the sake of narrative.  In the end, the narrative will be, "another protest failed".

Here is what I wrote September 8 on the subject:


  1. Great insight! "Another protest failed" ... you're exactly right.

    This must be the lead-in to steer talk towards "pesky, GREEDY Indians -- never satisfied ...".
    No doubt plenty of ignoramouses will be strutting around, berating the "rich Indians with all their casino money ... who are giving the oil companies a hard time ... & are going to cause gas prices to skyrocket ...". (I've already heard it ...)

    It seems NONE of the "common man's" opinions today have ANY basis in fact, whatsoever. Their buttons are pushed ... & they spew out the programmed response on cue.

    Fitting that this is all "building to a head" in the lead-up to Thanksgiving --

    -- which has been transformed into the holiday that Officially denigrates the genocided native population ... while praising the Anglcan Reformation that created our current "civilized society".

    That's why "BLACK FRIDAY" was designated as "NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE DAY" ...
    Signed into law by Bush Jr. -- & instituted 11/28/2008.

    1. Thank you for the entire post, especially that last piece. I did not know that. Wow.

    2. Incredible, isn't it? The mockery knows no bounds.

    3. Yet another reason to think something quite tragic will happen on Black Friday this year, the 330th day of the year. I used to think that this election was set up for Hillary to win, but I'm beginning to wonder if it is actually been set up for Trump and electing him might just be what sets off the civil war or even the new "holocaust" or mass genocide. The native american history certainly tells that story and even the world series featuring the Indians has made me really wonder about this.
      I was thinking back again about the Cascade Mall shooting that seems to foreshadow a Thanksgiving or Black Friday event, where "Arcan Setin" shot "Sarai" in Macy's. Arcan (RA) and (Cancer) Setin (Set) and Sarai the female perhaps Isis, or just the feminine aspect of RA, the wife of Abraham. It's blatant. What does Abraham do? He's asked to make a burnt offering of his son Isaac, but instead sacrifices a RAM. Sarai died on the 23rd of September and Sarai, Abraham's wife dies in Genesis 23. I can't figure out where this leads or what to expect on Black Friday, but I am going to continue the research. These freemason's clearly are using the bible as their playbook for many of these events.

    4. The Blackest Black Friday=1188, 880J

    5. 11/26 is the date you want to keep an eye on. That's the day after Black Friday this year. 5555 days after 9/11.Went to Iraq war 555 days after 9/11. Remember that saying Trump will go 26th, on a radio station. That's possible,likely Hilary though. Obama is 55 years old. Born on the 216th day of a leap year. It's year 2016. 6x6x6 =216. 55 days after that date is Obamas last day in office. 77 days before 11/26 Hillary collapsed on 9/11. 11/26 mirrored would be 6211 the 808th prime number. Obama born in Hawaii, 808 area code. Last chapter last verse of Bible is revelation 22:21. 2221 is the 331st prime number 11/26 the 331st day in a leap year. Obama the 44th pres Biden is 47th vp. 44th prime and 47th prime is 193 and 211 add them up 404. Washingoon dc area code 202, add the mirror 202=404. 404 verses in revelation. That's just the tip of the iceberg for signs for that day.

    6. Butler -- more excellent observations! I'd already forgotten about that mall shooting -- so I'm glad you didn't. Everything is shown for a deliberate reason -- small threads woven together (or should I say "bound"?) -- to form the "Fabric Of Our Lives" (thanks, cotton industry, lol).

      Btw: please check the postings under "Italy Earthquake" again. For 24+ hrs I was trying to respond, & everything went haywire. The information you provided was nothing short of amazing -- & the synchronicities are too wild to be "random". Something's been going on in the "cosmos" -- of that I have no doubt. There is much to be said about those topics you mentioned. ;D :D

    7. Oh Saturn...that's very helpful! I wonder if there will be a sort of "cascade" of events to take place leading up to that. I never watch movies, so I wouldn't know...but there is probably some predictive programming that has been in a movie that foreshadows this time frame or an event that might take place.

    8. Saturn93 -- Thanks for sharing that ... I will DEFINITELY be watching 11/26. The connections you made are exactly what we've been trying to learn how to spot!

      Those "5's" really leapt out -- especially since the first Itslian earthquake was a "5.5". I did some backtracking & found that there had been other earthquakes at around the same time -- & all were of a similar magnitude or stronger. But they were never mentioned by the media ... so clearly they reported solely about that particular location out for a reason -- & "5.5" may we'll be why. :D

    9. Butler- You are right, I just want to point out something I have been talking about for a while to what you are talking about. The Omaha Indians are headquartered in Macy, Nebraska. They brought the Mormons to Omaha as well because they thought they would get protection against the Sioux. I think that's why Prince's Yellow cloud guitar being sold was so important because Chief Yellowsmoke of the Omaha's. All of the Moses/Ram stuff seems to point to Lincoln, Nebraska. "Moses"=71, Nebraska=71, "The Ten commandments"=71 A whole lot more I could type but I really think the Macy's stuff is connected to the Omaha's.

  2. This guy sounds like another Judas goat used for agenda.

    Check out the the wikipedia definition-

    A Judas goat is a trained goat used in general animal herding. The Judas goat is trained to associate with sheep or cattle, leading them to a specific destination. In stockyards, a Judas goat will lead sheep to slaughter, while its own life is spared.

    They put someone out there we can "trust" and then lead us to the slaughter. Perhaps the goateed Cubs player (forgot name) is the sentimental judas goat, to lead us astray. Trump is a goat. And a turd. Angelina Jolie, who led us to the "wisdom" of a preventative double mastectomy, is a judas goat.

    Today is a Scorpio full moon. Scorpio represents Judas in astrology. It is the first sting of the sun's betrayal as it approaches the winter solstice. (Sagittarius represents Peter denying the sun as the nights continue to get longer, FYI. There was no real "Peter" or "Judas." It all has to do with the sun's experience, not son.

    1. Totally agree with everything you said! The examples you gave convinced me that this is definitely an angle being used. I don't recall seeing the Judas Goat being brought up before ... but there's ample proof here that it IS a method being utilized -- a LOT.

      Especially liked the Angelina Jolie observation -- that is 100% accurate!

      What you said said at the end -- about the moon, sun, etc. is the purest, oldest, unmitigated truth. It's unfortunate that more people don't realize this, & that so many actually fear these concepts. Nature has been our constant companion from the beginning -- it's truth & our reality are inextricably entertwined ... & always will be. Why does that frighten people? ;D

    2. Crazy interesting. So each disciple is a different month?

    3. Lord- if I'm correct pretty much all of the stories of the Bible mirror the well as our human anatomy. I've been looking at syncretism which explains it all very well. Might look into that if your not's very interesting!

  3. I saw a meme on a friends wall and thought, "the pictures for this event are limited, tightly cropped, and there is zero drone footage". So I started analyzing picture of this. No wide shots, mostly of the police lines, and never many natives in the pictures. With the tech everyone caries in there pockets, there should be way more home-grown footage and video available. There is none.

  4. In addition to the lack of home-grown media, I grabbed an article on my feed today and went through some of the names. I didn't go through all. What are the odds?

    Champa Seyboye = 57
    Champa = 42
    Seyboye = 33

    Shrise Wadsworth = 74
    Shrise = 33
    Wadsworth = 41 (13th prime)

    Oceti Sakowin = 144

    Kandi Mossett = 42
    Mossett = 666/111

    Lauren Howland = 888/58
    Howland = 77

    Joye Braun 666/111

    Michelle Cook 666/111

    Morning Star 888/58

    1. Wow! The odds of that have to be astronomical! Crazy...


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